Long Island Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Long Island Holiday Shopping Injuries

Holiday shopping on Long Island can be fun and magical. It can also be chaotic and even dangerous. Goldstein & Bashner wants you to be safe this holiday season. Check out our holiday shopping safety tips to help keep you safe so you can enjoy your holiday shopping on Long Island.

Staying Safe in Parking Lots

In order to prevent injury to you or damage to your vehicle, just remember the BOWS on your holiday gifts. Here are the BOWS tips for safety in parking lots while holiday shopping:

B: Backing Out. Park in a space where you can pull through if possible, so you do not have to back out. (Remember to do this slowly.) If you do have to back out, proceed slowly and cautiously, maintaining a careful lookout in all directions.

O: Be Observant. Pay close attention to your surroundings while driving through the parking lot, and while walking to and from your car. Be especially careful when walking between cars. Be aware of people sitting in cars. Purse snatchers abound during the holidays.

W: Use Caution While Walking. People tend to be preoccupied during the holidays. They might back their car out without looking or open their doors without regard to people walking by.

S: Drive Slowly. Most people at the mall are in a rush trying to get the best deals before anyone else. Be sure to drive slowly; getting that parking spot is not more important than your well-being.

Dealing with Holiday Traffic

Holiday traffic and travel can add to the stress of the season. Avoid an auto accident during the holidays, with these SNOW tips:

S: Drive Slowly. After you have cleared your vehicle of snow and ice, do not speed or tailgate.

N: Say No to Drinking and Driving. Many people go shopping on Thanksgiving night; if you have enjoyed some holiday cheer, let someone else do the driving. And do not be a passenger with a driver who has been drinking. Consider taking an Uber or Lyft or waiting until the next day.

O: Other Drivers can be the most difficult aspect of holiday driving. Be mindful of the fact that other drivers might be distracted, tired, or under the influence of alcohol.

W: Bad Weather. Sometimes it simply is not a good idea to get on the roads during winter weather conditions. Pay attention to the weather reports, and check road and highway conditions before getting on the road. The deals can wait.

Staying Safe Around Mall Crowds and Displays

Shoppers get hurt at shopping malls every day. In some cases, the inattentive shopper is to blame; other times, the shopping mall or another shopper is negligent and at fault. Here are your DEALS tips for avoiding injury when doing your holiday shopping on Long Island:

D: Displays. During the holidays, shopping malls often use temporary displays that are creative, but not always safe. Be wary of store displays that do not look secure or designed with safety in mind.

E: Escalators and doors at malls may malfunction due to the greater amount of use they receive during the holiday shopping season. Do not disregard notifications that the escalator is out of service or ignore instructions to use another door.

A: Aisles and passageways at malls get crowded during the holidays. Merchandise and displays can block or obstruct your path. Be careful to avoid tripping over items other shoppers may have left on the floor.

L: Lighting. With the focus on decorations, the regular lighting might not be in use. If the lighting does not allow you to see your path clearly, choose a different path to avoid a slip and fall accident.

S: Security. Unfortunately, crime against shoppers increases during the holidays. Shopping malls should anticipate this and provide enhanced security to protect shoppers from harm. To protect yourself, stay aware of your surroundings, do not linger by your car, and do not keep purchases in your car while shopping.

File a Claim if You Were Hurt While Driving or Shopping

If you were in an accident in a parking lot, on the road, or in a shopping mall, you may be entitled to compensation. Were you injured at one of these malls?

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