Familiar with the Wall of Death? The Fun and Danger of Moshing


Pushing, shoving, trampling, flailing limbs, and crashing bodies. Welcome to the mosh pit. What some call fun is the very dangerous practice of crowding to the very front of a heavy metal or hard core punk concert and basically banging and crashing into each other. There’s also thrashing, crowd surfing, and–if you’re at a really hard core mosh pit–the Wall of Death, where the moshers split into two groups on either side of the pit and run into each other. Now that’s a good time.
(Check out this video if you want to see the Wall of Death for yourself).

So as you might realize, mosh pits are not the safest places. Bodies are tossed around, pulled in separate directions, banged into, and trampled over by hordes of steel-toed Doc Martins. They’ve caused broken limbs, concussions, serious gashes, cracked ribs, and in the worst cases, even death.

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