If you Are Going to Drink on a Cruise, Definitely Don’t Do Any of These Things!

Boat Drinking Tips

Cruise ships are known for their abundance of food and alcohol. Drinks are available wherever you turn–on every deck, by every pool, at each activity, in the bars and dance clubs, and pretty much any other place you go. Cruise ships make a lot of money off their alcohol and have no problem with well-behaved drunks, but there are limits to what is acceptable.

From a safety and legal standpoint, there are important things not to do on a cruise, especially if you’ve been drinking:

1. Don’t wreck the ship: Cruise ships are not frat houses, and their personnel frown highly on passengers wreaking havoc on their ship, even in the name of good ol’ drunken fun. Smashing bottles and wrecking furniture are definite no-no’s, and you will certainly be held responsible for any damage you cause.

2. Don’t tell others to #%&! off: An important point even for sober passengers. In fact a very wealthy and prominent, elderly couple was thrown off the Cunard ship this past October for what the cruise line officials stated were “multiple incidences of disrespectful and disruptive behavior towards crew members and other guests.”

3. Don’t get into a drunken brawl: Getting into fights is not only a good way to spoil a vacation, but can get you tossed off the ship. After a night of drinking at the Caliente Club on Carnival’s Dream cruise ship, a group of young people began fighting, allegedly over a song. There were several injuries, one serious, as well as massive damage caused to the ship. The ten passengers were kicked off the ship that morning.

4. Don’t have sex in a lifeboat: Cruise ships have cameras everywhere. Stick to the privacy of your room, especially if it is not your spouse.

5. Don’t climb over the railing: There are numerous stories and even clips on YouTube—drunk passengers climbing over the railing and either falling or intentionally jumping off the ship. Some are found dead, others remain missing, and those that survive usually have serious injuries and are arrested. If the passenger jumps while the boat is in restricted waters, they can face federal charges as well.

7. Don’t bring drugs aboard ship: This is a sure-fire way to get arrested. As soon as passengers disembark, DEA’s dogs sniff suitcases on the pier and will find any drugs, no matter how well hidden.

Drinking and acting in a mature and safe manner is a must, but even if you follow these tips, accidents happen all the time on ships from others’ drunk behavior. If you need any advice or have been injured on a cruise ship, contact Goldstein and Bashner for a free consultation. We’ll let you know your rights as a passenger and help you get the compensation you deserve.

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