The Many Effects of Chronic Pain after an Accident

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Chronic pain is a widespread issue in the United States. The 2012 National Health Interview Study found 11.2 percent of participating adults reported experiencing pain on a daily basis. While the cause of chronic pain ranges from genetic conditions to aging, one of the most common causes is from accidents.

If you got chronic pain after an accident, then you might be entitled to compensation for the following.

  • The damage it does to your emotional health
  • Day-to-day living issues
  • Ability to competently work

How does chronic pain affect everyday life?

At the Integrative Pain Center of Arizona, researchers study the quality of life of the patients they treat for chronic pain. Patients with chronic pain require more energy and determination to make it through a day of simple tasks like house chores and running errands.

Many people who experience chronic pain look for ways to simplify their lives to require as little exertion as possible. They may sleep for more than 10 hours a day because of fatigue and to dull the feelings of pain. Unfortunately, chronic pain can also make sleep more difficult, adding to the fatigue.

Parents with chronic pain find they cannot play and care for their children as much as they would like. Normally active individuals who experience sudden onset chronic pain typically give up their active lifestyle to minimize pain and fatigue.

How does chronic pain affect your mental health?

As discussed above, the constant feeling of pain can cause severe fatigue which cause feelings of:

  • Irritability
  • Impatience
  • Short temper

Furthermore, experiencing constant pain will raise the concentration needed for even basic tasks. Another effect of chronic pain is depression. Some studies show chronic pain can re-wire the nervous system and change brain chemistry. The cells in the brain that process emotion deteriorate more quickly in people with chronic pain. This deterioration can make depression symptoms worse. Anxiety levels can also rise because of the frustration of simple tasks and the struggle to keep the pain at bay.

How does chronic pain affect your ability to work?

Even people who work at jobs with low physical requirements find that chronic pain makes it difficult to perform a full day’s work. Many workers risk having to quit their jobs because of the burden their pain causes in regard to their duties.

Workers with chronic pain often need special accommodations like the following:

  • Longer breaks
  • Opportunities to rest
  • Special equipment to relieve fatigue

The March 2011 issue of the American Chronic Pain Association’s newsletter reported an annual loss of $61.2 billion in lost productivity because of reduced work performance in people with chronic pain.

If you developed chronic pain after a car accident, slip and fall, or any other act of negligence you might be entitled to recover compensation for your damages. Contact Goldstein & Bashner at 516-874-4362 to discuss your legal options. Visit our contact page to request a free case review and visit our blog and library for more information on your rights after an accident.

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