“Ghost Boy” Martin Pistorius Trapped in His Body Reveals Abuse

Sad young boy

I recently watched a compelling story of Martin Pistorius who was just 12 when he slipped into an inexplicable comatose state. His body gradually weakened. He lost the ability to walk, to eat on his own and eventually, the ability to communicate. Everyone assumed that Martin was unaware of his surroundings, could not hear you, or comprehend what you were saying. It was not until 2001 when a therapist at Pistorius’ care center realized he was more aware than people thought. Cognitive testing proved Pistorius’ could understand what people were saying.

While I am delighted that this man has found his voice again (via computer) and regained much of his body strength, I am saddened about one truth revealed from the video, and it’s a real growing problem in America- nursing home & caretaker abuse.

Martin was verbally, sexually and physically abused in nursing homes and rehab facilities and if he was not being abused, he watched others being abused. He was powerless at the time, to speak up about such atrocities. No one should suffer at the hands of those who are meant to take care of our well-being and health.

Long Island is not immune to the problem, and even reputable places have neglect or abuse occurring. The abuse is not limited to those who cannot communicate, but often those who are afraid to communicate. Sexually abused senior citizens may be forced to watch pornographic material or have their photos taken against their will. Some elders are forced to undress or made to watch sex acts performed by their caretakers. To learn more, including warning signs, read our article about Long Island Nursing Home and Assisting Living Abuse.

If you suspect your loved one has suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of their caretaker, you may have a valid legal claim. You need to take legal action to protect your loved one and help them obtain the financial compensation they deserve for suffering such physical and emotional injuries.

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