Construction Underway for Memorial Sloan Kettering Uniondale Cancer Center 

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Construction on a 114,000 square-foot cancer center for Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospitals is underway in Uniondale and is expected to be completed in September 2019. The facility, which will be known as MSK Nassau, is expected to employ up to 220 people, including 30 doctors, and will have oncology, radiology, and surgical departments. MSK expects there to be upwards of 75,000 patient visits the first year the facility is opened.

114,000 square feet, which is almost the exact amount of space covered by two football fields, will be filled with observation rooms and the newest equipment available. “The MSK Nassau is incredibly important for providing quality cancer care in a state of the art facility,” said Neal A. Goldstein, an attorney with Goldstein & Bashner in New York City. “Projects such as this one help Long Island be able to care for its own close to home.”

Unfortunately, projects such as this – enormous in size and scope – can expose workers to dangerous conditions that could result in injury. Take for example the need to fit out each room in the facility with medical equipment. A construction worker seeking to reposition a diagnostic machine could injure their back trying to complete their task. Injuries that happen in the line of work often result in a claim for workers’ compensation. When the only job someone knows requires regular use of their back, suffering a back injury can severely limit their ability to be able to continue to complete their duties.

A claim for workers’ compensation requires a person to show they are an employee and not a contractor, that they suffered an injury in the regular course of work, that the injury was not intentional, and that they report the injury within 30 days. This may seem easy enough, but workers’ compensation claims are often challenged by the company providing workers’ compensation insurance. A claim for coverage must be submitted promptly and correctly, and the worker may need the support of an experienced attorney for the best chance that the claim is successful.

MSK Nassau will provide top-of-the-line cancer care to the residents of Long Island. The workers that build the facility need to remember that if they suffer an injury on the job, they should be taken care of as well. If a construction worker is injured during the renovation of the cancer center, they should speak with an experienced construction accident lawyer that could advocate for them and protect their rights.

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