Construction Accident Lawyer: Safety at World Trade Center Site after Crane Accident


Construction workers rely put their lives on the line each day, relying on managers and owners to comply with laws that help keep them as safe as possible on a dangerous job. As Long Island construction accident attorney Neal Goldstein notes, these dangers could be seen this past Thursday, when a crane perched atop a World Trade Center tower that is under construction snapped and sent a massively heavy load of steel beams plummeting 40 stories before slamming into a flatbed truck. Miraculously no one was seriously injured in the accident, which sent a deafening crash throughout the area.

But just how safe is it for crews to go back to work? Clearly  something went wrong, and whether machinery is not up to par or safety measures aren’t being met, supervisors need to ensure workers are in an environment that is up to code and as safe as possible. There have been several construction accidents at the World Trade Center site over the past few years.

Crews have suspended work for several days while the agencies look into the accident.

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