What You Need to Know if Your Child Was Injured Playing on a Soccer Team (or Any Sports Team)

Long Island Sports Team Injury

Nearly every town on Long Island has a soccer club, so with thousands of girls and boys playing soccer across the island, you can imagine there are a lot of injuries. Most of these injuries are considered part of the game, inherent risks that participants know about when they join a team.

However, if your child is seriously injured during a game, there are some instances where you may have a reasonable case against the soccer club.

Is the club using old, poorly maintained equipment? Are the practice fields filled with holes and ditches that have already caused several injuries? Were practice drills reasonably safe? Were kids forced to play in dangerous conditions, such as an electrical storm or on an excruciatingly hot day with no water breaks? Was a third party, such as a hired trainer or tournament host responsible for the injuries?

You might have a good case in instances where a known condition caused the accident, reasonable safety measures weren’t taken, lack of supervision or where a third party was responsible

If your child was injured playing on a club team, our experienced accident lawyers can answer any questions you have and let you know if you have case. We provide free consultations to go over your legal options and discuss the best course of action to get compensation you deserve while also considering your child’s best interests. There is no obligation and never a fee until we get you.

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