Battling Insurance Companies: Why is my New York lawsuit taking so long?

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A bad car accident or slip and fall may not only leave you seriously injured but also unable to get around, facing huge medical bills, depressed, anxious, emotionally distraught and in financial distress. Unfortunately, due to massive layoffs, cases are being dragged out longer and longer in New York and Long Island courts. Making matters worse, insurance companies have been taking advantage of this to slow the process even further by using such tactics as:

  • Offering to settle now for a fixed amount that is significantly low
  • Requesting unnecessary information and other delay tactics
  • Disputing medical treatment
  • Claiming medical charges are too high
  • Misrepresenting insurance benefits, such as telling you there is less coverage than is true

Take Action
For this reason, if you are injured in a car accident, slip and fall or other accident it is important to find a qualified personal injury lawyer who will protect your rights and fight on your side to make sure you are not pushed around by insurance companies.

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At Goldstein & Bashner, our lawyers work hard to ensure that each and every clients gets the maximum compensation they deserve. We have extensive experienced dealing with insurance companies and a proven track record in getting our clients the compensation they deserve.

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