Are Metro North and LIRR workers protected under FELA?

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Railroad work is considered a high-risk occupation. The nature of this job involves moving trains and heavy machinery that make railroad employees susceptible to severe injuries such as broken bones, burns, loss of limbs, and even loss of life. As a result, FELA (Federal Employment Liability Act) was created to legally protect railroad workers from injuries they sustained at work. FELA provides guidelines to railroad employers to ensure safe work environments and sufficient training and supervision.

Who is Eligible to File a FELA Claim?

FELA covers injuries for the following employee positions: track workers, engineers, signalmen, conductors, car cleaners, signalmen, electricians, and other employees who do not actually work in or around trains. Claims are typically filed against the railroad company that employed the worker. In New York, this applies to employees of the LIRR and Metro North and employees of Amtrak, PATH, and other companies.

Injuries and Illness Protected Under FELA

Most injuries that railroad employees experience on the job are protected under FELA. Injuries and Illness that FELA Claims cover include, but are not limited to;

In the unfortunate event in which a railroad employee dies at work from the nature of their job, families should consider filing a FELA claim to seek compensation. Recovering monetary damages may help offset some of the losses you and your family have incurred due to your loved one’s death.

Contact Goldstein & Bashner for Your FELA Claim

The experienced attorneys at Goldstein & Bashner are committed to helping LIRR and Metro North employees seek compensation. If you have any questions or concerns regarding FELA claims or would like to proceed in filing a FELA claim, contact our office immediately.

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