Goldstein and Bashner Combating Campus Issues Scholarship 2021

The New York injury law firm of Goldstein and Bashner has established itself as a true champion of the rights of students who experience harm caused by the negligence or intentional acts of others.

Whether a client’s losses are the result of a slip and fall, auto accident or actionable sexual assault, the attorneys of the firm are committed to tirelessly advocating for such individuals to receive fair treatment, compensation, and accountability under the law.

A particular area of interest to our legal team is eradication of the multitude of issues that students face on university campuses across the United States. Whether it is hazing, bullying, Title IX issues, or sexual assault, the attorneys at Goldstein and Bashner are committed to the fight against these wrongs.

To that end, we are happy to announce the creation of the Goldstein and Bashner Campus Issues Scholarship.

Each year, we will present a $1,000 award to an especially promising higher education student who shares our determination and articulates a clear vision about how he or she will work to advance advocacy initiatives and solutions for on-campus problems.

Eligibility Details for the Goldstein and Bashner Scholarship

We are opening the Goldstein and Bashner Combating Campus Issues Scholarship to all students currently enrolled in a community college, junior college, undergrad or graduate institution located anywhere in the United States.

High school graduates on the verge of beginning their college studies as well as existing GED holders will also be given consideration for the award.

The strongest candidates for this scholarship are those best able to skillfully articulate their personal understanding of the problems on college campuses.

As part of the application process, these individuals will also be asked to describe the ways in which they can work to expand awareness, foster solutions that focus on education and prevention and encourage victims to come forward and demand the justice they deserve.

Those interested in receiving the scholarship are asked to submit proof of good academic standing from their current educational institution. For the purposes of the Goldstein and Bashner Scholarship, this is evidenced by no less than a 3.0 cumulative GPA on an overall scale of 4.0.

How to Apply

Candidates are also asked to provide:

  • A current resume that includes updated contact information as well as a statement of present educational level or student status
  • Most recent academic transcript from his or her current institution (unofficial formats are acceptable); freshmen will be permitted to use unofficial documents from the most recent school attended together with any materials obtainable from their present school
  • An original essay of no less than 500 words in which the student explains how he or she will raise public awareness about combating issues they have experienced on campus and how he or she would create an environment in which survivors feel emboldened and justified in telling their personal stories

Application Deadline and Additional Details

To receive a full and fair review of their scholarship application, candidates must submit all of the above requested documents, including their transcripts, original essay, up-to-date resume and cover sheet via email message to on or before the formal deadline of October 31, 2021.

Applicants are asked to send all required documents as separate and discrete attachments to a single email that bears a subject line formatted as follows: APPLICANT’S NAME – GOLDSTEIN and BASHNER SCHOLARSHIP.

The entire firm is grateful for your interest in the 2021 Goldstein and Bashner Combating Campus Issues Scholarship. We look forward to reviewing your submissions and recognizing the achievements and tremendous potential you and your fellow applicants represent.

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