Combating Campus Issues Scholarship Winners

Goldstein and Bashner has solidified its reputation as a champion for students’ rights, particularly those who suffer harm due to the negligence or deliberate actions of others. This commitment drives us to sponsor our Combating Campus Issues Scholarship annually, and we extend our appreciation to all those who have applied. Keep reading to learn about all of our previous scholarship recipients below!

2023 Winner: Alyssandra Lachica

Alyssandra Lachica, Scholarship Winner

My name is Alyssandra Lachica and I am from Pasadena, California. I am currently a second year student at Pasadena City College, and I am planning on transferring to a four year institution in the fall to receive my bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Afterward, I hope to attend law school and become a practicing lawyer. Outside of the classroom, I am a part of two marching organizations: POW Percussion and the Santa Clara Vanguard. I also spend some of my free time teaching high schoolers how to play and march with cymbals.

Reaction Statement: When I found out that I was a scholarship recipient, I was ecstatic! I am planning on using this scholarship money to pay for my tuition once I transfer to a four year university next semester! I am acutely aware of the tuition money I will have to pay for undergraduate and law school, so I am eternally grateful for this scholarship award. Thank you so much for your contribution to funding higher education!

2021 Winner: Maggie Linzey

My name is Maggie Linzey and I am from Massachusetts. I attended school at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where I received my Masters in Public Policy in May of 2022. It was an amazing program, filled with peers who had the desire to make real change through government and policies. I now work as a Case Manager helping those with mental health and substance use disorders, my clients primarily in need of affordable housing, and access to medical and mental healthcare. My desire to help those in need and change the world for the better has only grown since graduation.

Reaction Statement: When I found out I had received this scholarship from Goldstein and Bashner, I was honored and excited! This scholarship will help me begin to pay back my student loans, which is always a stressor for students both past and current. I want to thank Goldstein and Bashner for giving me the space to create ideas for a better world in my essay. This has been a great opportunity and I am beyond grateful to have received this award.

2020 Winner: Grace Schuler

Hi, my name is Grace Schuler and I am from Gaithersburg, Maryland, but now reside in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with my older brother, Van. I am currently a sophomore hospitality management student at Drexel University and hope to graduate with a BS in hospitality management with a focus in event planning in 2024. In addition to attending classes, I enjoy being a part of school clubs, doing volunteer work, singing/listening to music, spending time with my family and friends, and adventuring around Philly to find the best foods!

Reaction Statement: Thank you so much for awarding me with your scholarship! You have helped lighten my financial burden, which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school – learning. I am grateful for the time your scholarship will give me to focus on learning and continuing with my volunteer efforts. It is also a relief to have some academic financial support as the pandemic has hit the hospitality industry, and my event planning position, especially hard. Although I have been working since I was 14, and will continue to do so throughout college, it will be scholarships such as this one that will allow me to complete my education. Once again, thank you for the vote of confidence and the scholarship!

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