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Long Island Railroad Accident and FELA Lawyer

Railroad injuries are often serious and require extensive medical treatment.  If you have been injured either as a train passenger or while working for a railroad, you are not alone.  The railroad injury attorneys at Goldstein and Bashner are experienced in handling train accident cases and can help you with your case.  Our law firm has gained the support of Local 589, a division of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union due to our strong record of helping injured railroad workers receive compensation for their injuries.

Whether You Are An Employee or Passenger, We Can Help

The New York Metro Area has hundreds of thousands of train riders each day between the Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North, PATH, Amtrak, and New York City subways.

Common passenger injuries are often due to:

  • Train accidents and derailments
  • Falling in a gap
  • Slipping and falling on the train or in the station
  • Being hit by a train.

Common railroad worker injuries often involve:

  • Electrical explosions
  • Falls from substantial heights
  • Back injuries due to unsafe work practices by the railroad

Railroad employees are protected under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA), which provides full compensation if the railroad was negligent.  Compensation available under FELA is usually a lot higher than what is provided through New York Workers' Compensation Law for non-railroad workers. In order to have a successful FELA claim, you need to take immediate action.  Contact an experienced FELA lawyer at Goldstein & Bashner as soon as possible and we will help you build a strong case so that you can recover compensation for your injuries. 

Goldstein and Bashner Will Fight to Get You the Compensation You Deserve

Whether you are an injured passenger or worker, as a client of Goldstein and Bashner, you will be represented by a railroad injury attorney who will take your case personally.  We measure the success of our law firm by the well-being of our clients.  Our attorneys know what it is like to be affected by a serious injury, as we have witnessed family members being forced to cope with disabilities.  So not only are you being represented by a lawyer who is experienced and has a strong track record of winning railroad injury cases, you are also working with someone who cares about what you are going through and you can trust.

Contact Our Experienced Lawyers Today!

The FELA/Railroad Accident lawyers at Goldstein and Bashner each have 25 years of experience fighting for clients and protecting their rights. Contact our railroad injury lawyers today at (888) NYLAW12 for a free legal consultation.



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