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Smartband Device May Reduce Construction Accidents

If we were all great mind readers, or could see into the future, certainly we wouldn't be having accidents, or we’d have a lot fewer of them. But let's face it, nobody yet has been able to see into the future.

Every year, industries such as, manufacturing, construction, trucking and mining, have thousands of accidents, many of which may be contributed to human error caused by fatigue. Caterpillar Safety Services is now using a technology that can predict with a great deal of accuracy the odds of someone having an accident, and when.

Improving the Safety of Workers in Accident Prone Industries

construction workers subject to long fatigueIn an effort to improve safety across many industries, Caterpillar Safety Services created a ‘smartband’ device  that assesses a worker’s risk at any given moment. In conjunction with a software program, it can tell when a worker is suffering from lack of sleep and the fatigue that results. Some Cat customers are also using the Smartband with a complimentary driver safety system (DSS), which combines dash cams trained on the drivers and sensors on the trucks that monitor hard braking, swerves and other anomalies. Caterpillar has been using these systems at several mining sites for about two years but just imagine if more companies came on board in other industries?

We believe the technology could certainly reduce the amount of accidents in the construction industry.

According to Neal Goldstein, Partner at Goldstein and Bashner "Employee safety should be the number one priority for construction businesses, but we've seen too many times that it is not the case. Most construction accidents are preventable, but construction owners must be willing to spend money on maintaining equipment and be diligent about following industry safety codes. A device such the Cat Smartband, would go a long way in keeping their workers safe, but they have to be willing to invest in the technology."

According to Todd Dawson, fatigue and solutions manager at Caterpillar  "People who get less sleep or are more fatigued tend to have more sick days, so they are absent more. Their health care costs are higher and they are at higher risk of having an accident. I have seen studies that say heart disease is double the risk for people who are in that higher fatigue zone.” Dawson has been studying fatigue science for 30 years and believes that the sleep and wake patterns the Cat Smartband provides will allow the prediction of their effectiveness or alertness level.  “Are they effective and alert, or are they struggling? Are they at risk for having a fatigue-related microsleep incident?”

If You Were Injured in a Construction Site Accident, We Can Help

We love the idea of this new technology, but we also know that accidents still happen. Our construction accident lawyers know firsthand what it is like to be affected by a serious injury, as we have watched family members cope with disabilities. We have a great deal of experience in winning substantial compensation for our clients who were injured at a construction site. Whether you injured your back, neck, head, broke a bone or were severely burned, we understand that that these injuries can be life threatening and or altering.  Employers, owners, contractors and their agents are obligated to provide safe working conditions and can be held liable for construction injuries. You may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, financial distress, lost wages, medical expenses and other costs associated with your injury. Call us today for a free consultation at 516-222-4000. We will answer any questions you may have and evaluate your case.

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