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My Son was Sexually Assaulted. What Should I Do? Can I Sue?

It is important to know that whether you know or suspect that your son was sexually assaulted, there is help available for your son as well as your entire family.

It is normal to feel a wide range of emotions, including anger, denial, sadness, guilt, anxiety, shock, frustration and helplessness. There are a number of organizations that provide support and free resources, as well as referrals to local counselors. This includes:

Can I sue?

In addition to criminal charges, it is also an option to sue an abuser in court for compensation, not just for any medical bills but also for pain and suffering. For many victims of sexual abuse, suing an attacker can provide a sense of justice and closure. This is a personal decision. We can help discuss this with you and let you know your legal options. There might also be another liable party that can be sued--for example if the assault happened at a school and measures weren't taken to keep their students safe, they could be held responsible. If the assault happened at a concert or club, the venue, owner, security service and/or concert promoter could be held responsible. Our lawyers can help discuss your options and determine the responsible parties.

Our compassionate lawyers have more than 40 years combined experience working with young sexual assault victims and their families. We work closely to help ease the range of emotions , including fear, pain and embarrassment, that too often prevent victims from seeking help. Even if you are not sure you want a lawyer, please feel free to contact us with any questions. We are also always willing to sit down for a free, more detailed consultation where we can discuss your case, what to expect from the legal process, and the best course of action that takes into account what is best for your son’s emotional well-being.

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