Young Hero Nomination

Leadership is an important skill to acquire and is essential in every organization, business, and community as a whole. Some people are born with a leadership gene, but others learn the skills necessary to not only be in charge, but guide others.  Goldstein and Bashner work with many young people who are the victims of bullying, but many times these people are the ones who lead in the future. And oftentimes there are other peers who are there to help. 

This is why Goldstein and Basher are hosting their first Young Hero Nomination.  Mentors, teachers, parents, and peers are invited to nominate an amazing young person they know who shows him or herself to be a future leader, or who is one already.  The selected winner will have the opportunity to attend a leadership conference in 2020.*

Nominations will be collected until midnight on Friday, February 28th, 2020.  The winning young hero and the person who nominated them will be contacted the following week.


Nomination Form

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