Westbury Uber/Taxi Accident Lawyer

New York’s yellow cabs are an iconic part of its transportation system, but more recently rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft have become new players on the scene. While most of the thousands of Uber and taxi trips each day go smoothly, serious accidents can and do happen.

An experienced Westbury Uber/taxi accident lawyer could help you through the complicated legal issues that arise after an accident. By talking to a qualified car wreck attorney, you could be better prepared to take stock of your damages and effectively pursue compensation from the party responsible for your losses.

Taxi Insurance Requirements

Following an accident as a passenger in a taxi, one avenue for recovery may be to file a claim with a taxi’s insurance company. The New York Taxi and Limousine Commission mandates that livery vehicles operating in New York City and its surrounding area must maintain a minimum of $100,000 of insurance coverage per person for bodily injury, $300,000 of coverage per accident, and $10,000 of coverage in property damage.

However, New York state law imposes a three-year statute of limitations, limiting the time an accident victim has to file a claim. As such, it may be best to contact a Westbury attorney as soon as possible after an Uber or Taxi accident to ensure important filing deadlines are not missed.

Past Complications With Uber

Uber drivers were not always considered employees but rather independent contractors. As a result, Uber could choose to deny liability for an injury in an accident involving one of its drivers.

If Uber denied responsibility for a claim after an accident, it was necessary to file a claim with the driver’s own insurance policy to cover the claim. Unlike the requirements for taxi and limousine insurance, an individual driver in New York is only required to have $25,000 of insurance coverage per person for bodily injury and $10,000 of insurance coverage for damages. These lower coverage amounts could potentially decrease recoverable damages in a civil claim.

Additionally, some insurance companies have exclusions in their policies for drivers who work for Uber and may deny responsibility if their driver was carrying a customer during the accident. Given these complicated issues regarding which insurance policy would be responsible for a claim, it is generally a good idea to contact a legal professional for advice and guidance before filing or settling a claim after an Uber/Taxi accident in Westbury.

Uber’s Updated Insurance Policy

In light of these complicated insurance coverage issues, Uber has instituted limited insurance coverage for its drivers. From the moment an Uber driver accepts a trip, Uber maintains liability coverage in amounts of at least:

  • $50,000 for bodily injury per person
  • $100,000 per covered accident
  • $25,000 for property damage

During an Uber passenger trip, Uber has added additional coverage, including:

  • $1,000,000 of coverage to riders, people in other vehicles, pedestrians or property
  • $250,000 of uninsured or underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage

Additionally, if someone is in an accident as a passenger in an Uber vehicle, they can submit a claim directly through the Uber app rather than filing a claim with the driver’s personal auto policy. For more information about Uber’s insurance policy, reach out to a knowledgeable lawyer.

How a Westbury Uber/Taxi Accident Attorney Could Help

If you or someone you know suffered injury in a crash involving an Uber or taxi, whether as a passenger in the at-fault vehicle or as another driver, you do not need to fight for compensation on your own. A Westbury Uber/taxi accident lawyer could help you navigate complex insurance issues and fight to pursue the best outcome possible. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.

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