Wantagh Construction Injury Lawyer

The nature of construction equipment and density of people working on a construction site often create dangerous circumstances for both workers and bystanders.

If the negligence of another party on a construction site leaves you injured, you may be entitled to receive compensation. Our hardworking personal injury attorneys are skilled at handling construction injury cases that occur as the result of everything from crane and forklift accidents to falls from roofs and ladders, scaffolding failures, fires and explosions, and even building collapses. We understand the severity of construction injuries and the necessary steps to take to preserve and protect the rights of the injured. Call today to speak with a Wantagh construction injury lawyer to discuss your case.

Receiving Compensation for Construction Injuries in Wantagh

Construction accidents can cause serious injuries, including bone fractures and breaks, internal bleeding, severe burns, and brain or spinal cord damage. Any of these can lead to heavy financial consequences for you and your family, especially if you are unable to work or incur substantial medical costs because of your injury.

In Wantagh, most employers maintain workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. Workers’ compensation provides benefits to employees injured on the job to ease their financial burden while they are unable to work.

However, certain injuries may not be covered under workers’ compensation policies. As a result, some injured parties encounter problems when trying to recover workers’ compensation benefits. Construction accident attorneys in Wantagh can advocate for injured employees and facilitate communications with their employer, insurance agents, and medical professionals involved with the determination of benefits.

Before speaking with a workers’ compensation insurance agent or signing any paperwork from them, it is important to consult a Wantagh construction injury attorney. Resolving the matter prematurely may result in injured employees losing out on the settlement they deserve or other means of recovery that may be available.

New York Labor Laws

In addition to the benefits afforded by workers’ compensation laws, there are protections available for construction workers provided by New York labor laws.

  • New York Labor Law Section 200 provides that employers have a duty to protect the health and safety of their employees and maintain equipment in safe conditions.
  • New York Labor Law Section 240 addresses scaffolding safety, and requires fall protections to be in place for construction workers who work above ground level. This section is often called the “Scaffold Law.”
  • New York Labor Law Section 241 outlines the requirements to maintain safe construction sites where construction, excavation, and demolition work is being performed.

Any construction worker whose injury resulted from a violation of these laws may hold their employer, contractor, project manager, or owner of the property liable for damages. Recovery for violations of these laws may be added to any benefits received from workers’ compensation.

Contact a Wantagh Construction Accident Attorney Today

If you were injured in a construction accident, many options may be available to you. Our compassionate and knowledgeable construction accident attorneys work directly with the injured to explain their rights under the law and fight to secure the most benefits possible.

If you were injured and would like to set up a consultation with one of our Wantagh construction injury lawyers, call our office today for a free consultation.

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