Rockaway Beach Construction Accident Premises Liability Lawyer

A premises liability case may arise when someone is injured on another person’s property. In the context of construction accidents, these cases involve an employee who gets injured while engaging in construction work on another person’s property or a business’s property.

Construction injury premises liability cases are distinct from other forms of premises claims, and this specific area of law may be difficult to understand without the help of a legal professional. Fortunately, a Rockaway Beach construction accident premises liability lawyer could address all of your questions and concerns and guide you through the process of filing a claim.

Definition of a Construction-Related Premises Liability Case

The basis of a construction accident premises liability case is an injury that was caused by the worksite’s conditions. Construction zones where work is ongoing are more susceptible to accidents. There are several different occupational hazards, such as a large number of people on the site at once, many different types of dangerous tools or heavy equipment, and extensive work being done at high elevations.

In New York, construction accidents are unique in that the law prioritizes the protection of the employee. State regulations are far stricter against the employer, making it easier for the injured construction worker to recover financial compensation from the defendant if they enlist a seasoned Rockaway Beach attorney.

Common Injuries that Lead to Premises Claims

There are numerous types of construction accidents that can happen on the job and result in a premises liability claim, including but not limited to:

  • Ladder and scaffolding injuries
  • Slips and falls
  • Head trauma from falling objects or debris
  • Burns
  • Electrocutions

There are several ways to report these types of construction injuries. The injured worker or another party should call emergency services if necessary, in addition to law enforcement. The employer, property manager, building owner, or whoever is in charge at the site would also take a report.

Role of the Property Owner

In residential settings, a property owner has the legal responsibility to inform visitors of any dangerous conditions that may be on their premises. If they had knowledge of a hazard on their property and took no steps to eradicate it, and failed to warn others of the potential danger, they could be found negligent in a premises liability claim.

However, premises liability claims also occur in commercial settings, such as major construction sites. For example, if a company wants to build a supermarket and one of the construction workers gets injured on the site of the new building, the owner of the property where the supermarket is being built could be held liable for damages.

In these cases, the owners are often equally responsible for accidents that occur on their property in the same manner that contractors and subcontractors are.

Contact a Rockaway Beach Construction Accident Premises Liability Attorney

The effects of a construction accident can be long-lasting, and an injured employee may face severe pain and suffering as well as financial repercussions. If you experienced a construction-related injury on another person’s or corporation’s property, you may be eligible to file a claim for damages. Reach out to a Rockaway Beach construction accident premises liability lawyer to learn more about your options.

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