Queens School Injury Lawyer

When you send your child to school, you expect bus drivers, teachers, and cafeteria staff to protect them from harm. If a school employee’s negligent or criminal actions cause your child to sustain injuries, it is crucial to understand your family’s legal right to pursue compensation.

In injury cases involving certified school officials, various procedures are in place to protect children from future harm. It is essential to work with a compassionate premises liability attorney who could guide you and your child through this process. A seasoned Queens school injury lawyer could fight for the settlement amount your child deserves.

When Are Schools Liable for Injuries?

Most injuries that occur in schools are avoidable and happen because of a careless adult’s actions. Whether in the classroom or outside on the playground, children at school must be under the supervision of adult staff members. Schools also have a responsibility to maintain spaces for students that are free of hazards, as well as to enforce safety rules and regulations.

When employees and institutions neglect these duties, they allow children to get into dangerous situations. Common school accidents that can lead to severe injuries include:

Just because a child got hurt while at school does not make the institution automatically liable for resulting losses. A successful injury claim must show the court that a specific party was negligent at the time of the accident. This includes proving that the school or an employee had a duty to care for and protect the child, failed to provide that duty, and caused an accident leading to the child’s injuries. A Queens school injury attorney could handle this legal work, including investigating the cause of an accident, interviewing witnesses, and working with experts to establish liability.

Moral Character Actions Against Certified Staff

When children suffer harm because of the intentional actions of a certified teacher, counselor, or administrator, a school must follow certain legal processes to hold this employee accountable and protect other children. School officials must take prompt action to report the incident. After notifying the authorities, the school must also file a report with The Office of School Personnel Review and Accountability (OSPRA). This notification alerts the agency of a certificate holder committing a criminal action or act that raises questions about their moral character.

According to Part 83 of the Regulations of the Commissioner, upon receiving complaints, OSPRA will thoroughly review the case to determine the appropriate action to take against the negligent school employee in question. A child injury attorney in Queens could help families ensure a school communicates an employee’s infractions with the appropriate agencies and that these agencies take steps to prevent other children from sustaining harm.

Schedule a Consultation With an Experienced Queens School Injury Attorney

Civil actions against schools are complex and could involve multiple at-fault parties. Some cases may lead to criminal investigations to remove an employee from their position working with children. At Goldstein & Bashner, our attorneys work to pursue the compensation your family needs to care for your injured child.

A qualified Queens school injury lawyer could help families build a civil case pursuing fair payments for a child’s medical costs and other losses. Call today to schedule a consultation and begin working on your case.

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