Nassau County Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 37,461 people killed in car accidents in 2016 and many more non-fatal accidents. While not all car collisions end in death, front-end car accidents are one of the most dangerous types of accidents and can lead to very serious, life-changing injuries.

A front-end car accident occurs when two vehicles driving in opposite directions crash into each other. Depending on how fast the vehicles were traveling, the injuries can range from relatively minor injuries to death. While front-end car collisions are only two percent of all accidents, they account for ten percent of all car accident deaths.

If you suffered an injury in a front-end collision, or if a loved one passed away from injuries sustained in a front-end collision, contact a Nassau County front-end accident lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled car accident attorney can help examine your legal options and potential remedies.

Common Causes of Front-End Car Accidents

When two cars collide head on, there is usually at least one party who was negligent. Oftentimes, front-end accidents are the result of:

  • Driving over the legal speed limit
  • Aggressive or distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Otherwise failing to obey the rules of the road

A front-end collision can result in severe injuries such as broken bones, brain injuries, paralysis, and even wrongful death. As a Nassau County front-end accident lawyer knows, these injuries often have long-lasting impacts and can quickly cause financial hardship.

Liability in a Front-End Car Accident

Nassau County adopted what is called the comparative negligence rule. According to New York Civil Practice Laws and Rules (CPLR) Section 1411, the amount of damages an injured party may recover is proportional to the amount that party was also negligent. Thus, if the injured party was 30 percent at fault, the amount of damages they may be entitled to will decrease by 30 percent.

Breach of Duty, Causation, and Damages

The injured party must show the other driver owed a duty of care. In this situation, every driver who drives on the roadways owes a duty of care to everyone around them to avoid foreseeable risks of injury.

The injured party must also show the third-party driver breached that duty of care. This will most likely be a question of fact. The injured party must show that the third-party driver broke some sort of rule while driving.

The negligence of the third-party driver must have been the cause of the front-end accident. There are two types of causes that must be met – actual and proximate. The injured party must show that there were damages suffered due to the accident.

Talk to a Nassau County Front-End Car Accident Attorney

Anyone who suffered injuries in a front-end car accident may be entitled to compensation. To receive monetary damages, they must prove the other party was negligent and caused the front-end crash. To prove negligence, the injured party must meet four distinct elements.

Front-end collisions are one of the most dangerous types of car accidents. They can lead to serious injuries and an incredible amount of financial obligations. However, victims of these accidents have options with the help of a Nassau County front-end accident lawyer. If you suffered an injury in a front-end car accident, speak with an attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

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