Medical Professional Nomination Winners

Audrey Duffy

Audrey Duffy is a nurse at NYU Winthrop Hospital who works in the radiology department. She has been working on the front lines with COVID-19 patients during this pandemic. It is her job to comfort and assist these patients who are sick and filled with fear. She is incredibly selfless and does everything in her power to provide them not only with comfort but also with hope during these times.

Reaction Statement: I am honored and deeply touched to have been chosen to receive this nomination. Nursing is my passion. I have been a patient many times myself, feeling helpless, in pain, and scared. It has been my professional goal to always strive to make my patients feel valued and cared for. I went into nursing to make a difference. Thank you so much to the attorneys at Goldstein & Bashner for taking the time to honor and recognize healthcare workers during this difficult time.

Stephanie Torres

Stephanie works at an outpatient chronic dialysis clinic in Lynbrook, NY. Dialysis is not an option for her patients, and so they must come for treatments three times a week to sustain their lives. Since the COVID pandemic hit the community, it has changed how they are providing care to their patients – pushing healthcare workers to protect them tenfold. They divert patients to Stephanie’s units cohort with COVID-19 symptoms and COVID-19 positive diagnoses, who are able to fight this virus outside of the acute hospital setting, whilst receiving their life sustaining treatments. Since March, Stephanie has been at the frontline with these patients. She has been working six days straight most weeks, juggling both the home clinic and the cohort clinic. She is exhausted, but feels lucky to work beside an awesome team.

Reaction Statement:I am so humbled to accept this Medical Profession Nomination. I do the best I can every day for my patients, not for recognition but to fulfill my mission as a nurse. I wake up every day knowing my WHY– the reason I chose nursing. ­­Being a cancer survivor, I knew my eternal gratitude would be put into my daily work. I push through tough days with my best foot forward and with a smile. Might I add what I get back from that, cannot be quantified. These patients show such resilience and strength every day. Lastly, a HUGE shout to my family, and their undoubtful support through this pandemic – they too keep me going!

I’d like to thank you and the attorneys at Goldstein and Bashner for giving back to our community while recognizing healthcare leaders during this time. I think we can all agree, that it is heart-warming to be able to come together while apart. Many thanks !!

Nataly Castillo

Nataly Castillo currently works as a Registered Nurse at Huntington Hospital on the medical/surgical floor. Even though most of the hospital is converted to treat COVID-19 patients, she feels like she can call herself a hero in the community because of her care towards her patients. She has impacted the lives of many people through her compassion, love, and sympathy during this crisis. While many patients ask if she can work longer hours, as they don’t want her to be off during their stay at the hospital, they make her feel appreciated and happy showing that her work is valued. She gives her patients hope and the mental strength to get better. This is why she entered the medical field as a nurse, to be at the bedside of her patients and change their experience at the hospital into a positive one without fear.

Reaction Statement: I feel very excited to receive this nomination because now I know how special I am to my friends and family. They would love to give me the world because that’s what I do for them. I give them as much as I can. I enjoy helping others and especially the ones very close to my heart. They are the reason I keep going everyday. I know they look up to me and I always want to be a better version of myself everyday. This is why I try to stay safe during this time.

I also know that because of the way I am and because I help others that is why God always blesses me in my own time of need.

Andrew Mauro

During the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the balance between work and life can be difficult, but Andrew Mauro has not only managed to do both but gone above and beyond! Andrew is a nurse at St.Joseph’s Hospital (@StJosephHospitalCHS). He was nominated because of his dedication, empathy, and care for his patients. Please join us in thanking Andrew for all his hard work and for keeping our community safe during these times! 

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