Long Island Overloaded Truck Accident Risks

Drivers should always be wary of trucks while driving. Trucks are known to be extremely heavy and a collision could prove to be very damaging to the opposing driver. That being said, drivers should take extra precaution when driving next to, or near, an overloaded semi truck. These trucks are carrying more than their allowed weight and tend to drive slower than expected. An impact from these sorts of vehicles may very well cause significant injury. Speak with a credible attorney today for more information about Long Island overloaded truck accident risks

Commonality of Overloading

It may not be common but it is something they have to look at in evaluating a case: what is the maximum capacity of the truck and was the truck exceeding its capacity; it is not something that happens every day but it is something to keep an eye out for. Is the truck over-weighted? Is it properly maintained? Does it get inspections regularly and what is the history in this vehicle, and what is the history on the driver, and did they comply with the rules that they had to not be driving too long at a time, causing drowsiness, leading to an accident?

Associated Risks

It is a dangerous situation because every vehicle has certain stopping distances it needs to bring a vehicle to a stop, so if there is an emergency in front of it, if a light changes, if they have to take evasive action, and the ability of the vehicle to function properly and not injure people, that becomes, much higher and much more dangerous when it is overweight.

Anytime it is overweight or overloaded, it is going to be a much more dangerous vehicle to other people on the road and it doesn’t have the maneuverability it should have or the stopping ability, so it increases the danger to other drivers dramatically when trucks are overweight. These are all common Long Island overloaded truck accident risks.

Exceeding Maximum Weight

There was an instance where there was a truck overweight with lumber following a hurricane in which it was rough refuse removal so it had too much weight on it, and that was probably the cause of the accident. There was a sanitation truck in which the brakes could not stop the vehicle going through a light when it should have come to a complete stop. Anytime a truck is carrying dangerous chemicals/waste, the Long Island overloaded truck accident risks are heightened.

The weight impacts a lot of things which would be looked at after looking over the police report, looking over the specs from the truck and factoring that in but it is not every day that a truck is overweight; it is not something that happens often, but it is something to keep a lookout for because once one proves that, it is a strong way of proving a truck was negligent in its operation. Speak with a truck wreck attorney for more information.

Injuries Changing with Cargo

If flammable cargo or explosive cargo is involved, that is potentially very catastrophic. It can cause explosions. If there is anything toxic on a vehicle, that can cause different types of injuries besides the impact injuries, but if it is just non-toxic, non-explosive cargo, it is making the truck into a bigger battering ram to cause injury to others.

In one particular case, a truck driver claimed his brakes failed, but it did not seem like the brakes failed. It was believed that he fell asleep, the truck collided and went through a stoplight of vehicles, and caused injury to 35 to 40 vehicles and multiple deaths. There was no proof of the causation. A truck that is not operating properly, that is overweighed with improper brakes or a falling-asleep driver, then the outcome could be horrific.

Hiring a Long Island Overloaded Truck Accident Attorney

It is always wise to consult with a well-versed attorney regarding Long Island overloaded truck accident risks. With the proper legal consultation, you may be to recover damages you may be entitled. This compensation could alleviate some of the financial stresses left behind by the accident. An attorney could also provide more information on how to prevent these sorts of accidents happening. Reach out to a lawyer today to get started on building your injury claim.

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