Understanding Truck Blind Spots in Long Island

Long Island Truck Accident Blind SpotsA constant presence on our country’s roads, large commercial trucks can be found on both quiet country roads and major interstates. Whether these trucks are used for construction or hauling freight, they dwarf personal vehicles.

Truck drivers are all required to obtain special licenses that address the mass of these vehicles and the appropriate use of safety equipment. Large trucks have always utilized special mirrors to help with visibility and newer models are even equipped with modern sensor technology.

Even with these innovations, commercial trucks still have large and dangerous blind spots. By simply understanding truck blind spots in Long Island and where they are, people can help truckers to drive safely and reduce accidents. If you have been in an accident caused by a blind spot, speak with a distinguished truck accident attorney.

Locations of Blind Spots

A helpful starting point to understanding truck blind spots in Long Island is to think about where there are blind spots on one’s own car. The blind spots that are present just to the side and rear of the driver’s seat are also present in large trucks. The blind spot to the side and rear of the passenger seat is also there on trucks. Where the blind spots differ is in the immediate front and rear of the trucks.

The heightened cab of the trucks makes it impossible to see what is immediately in front of them. While larger SUVs may still be visible, smaller sedans and coupes may disappear entirely below the driver’s sightline. The space directly behind the cargo trailer is a massive blind spot. Despite angled mirrors and sensors, a trucker cannot see what is behind them in their own lane.

Tips for Driving Near Trucks

A useful tip for understanding truck blind spots in Long Island can be to keep at least one car length away from the truck itself, either to the front and rear or off to the side. By keeping a reasonable distance from the truck, a person can increase the truck driver’s chances of seeing their car.

A fair rule of thumb concerning truck blind spots can actually be found on many trucks themselves. When truck drivers post stickers that inform the others that they cannot see them unless the driver themselves can see their mirror, it is considered great warnings for other drivers. Truckers rely on their mirrors for visibility far more than passenger car drivers.

Hiring a Lawyer

When dealing with large trucks on the road, it is better to be safe than sorry. Individuals should speak with an attorney about better understanding truck blind spots in Long Island. In many cases, a driver will simply be able to slow down so that they are not tailgating. In others, they can safely pass the truck on the left-hand side. By remembering that they have exaggerated blind spots and require more time to stop in an emergency, a motorist can limit the chances of an accident.

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