Long Island Plane Crash Lawyer

Plane Crash InjuryNo one expects to become the victim of an airplane accident or to learn that a loved one was involved in an airplane crash.  Statistically speaking, flying is one of the safer ways to travel.  Nonetheless, every year more than 1500 Americans are injured in an aviation accident some of which are fatal. If you or a loved one has been injured in a plane crash due to the negligence of a pilot or airline company a Long Island plane crash lawyer can help you. To learn more or discuss the damages that may be available in your case, consult with an experienced Long Island injury lawyer today.

Common Causes of Airline Crashes

There a wide number of reasons why an airline crash may occur. Among the most common reasons that a Long Island plane crash attorney can help recover damages for are:

• Engine failure
• Equipment failure
• Poor maintenance of mechanical equipment
• Pilot error
• Air traffic control error
• Collision with another aircraft (less common)
• Fuel tank explosion
• Ice accumulation on aircraft
• Ice, snow, or other hazards on runway

Determining Negligence

Every case is different. Negligence may be found from multiple parties or an individual that leads a plane to crash, they include:
• Pilots
• Airline operator, including its supervisors, mechanics, or safety personnel
• Aircraft owner
• Manufacturer of the aircraft
• Manufacturer of aircraft equipment, instruments, or computer systems
• Contractors that maintain the airplane and important components
• FAA air traffic controllers
• The Airport or Airport maintenance contractor
If you or a loved one was injured from a plane crash or during a flight, or if your loved one died as a result of injuries sustained from a plane crash, our Long Island plane crash attorneys can help.  Our experienced Plane Crash Attorneys will go over the details of the accident with compassion and answer any questions you have. We’ll go over what compensation you may be entitled to, depending on the type of injury, if it was a domestic flight or international and other relevant details.
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