Negligent Supervision Claims in Long Island

nurseryschoolWhen a young child is hurt at a school or daycare facility, especially if the injuries are serious, many people immediately want to fault supervision and start a lawsuit. Sometimes the school or daycare may be at fault, but many times it isn’t clear.

Adequate Supervision

The definition of adequate supervision is not black and white. In fact, it differs with circumstances and is often dependent on a number of factors, including:

  • Age of child
  • Experience level of child
  • Known special issues and circumstances involving child
  • Known past behaviors of other kids in the group that may be a threat to the others’ safety
  • Nature of activity
  • Factors outside the supervisor’s control

It is an obligation of a school or daycare to hire people who do not pose a known threat; to constantly monitor, update and make any necessary changes to keep their facility safe; and taking appropriate steps to eliminate all known threats and dangers.

Filing a Claim

When a school or daycare fails to provide adequate supervision under the circumstances, and a child suffers harm as a result, then the school district or day care facility can and should be held responsible. If your child was injured and you think you have a case, give our child and school accident lawyers a call and we can discuss your legal rights and options. We provide free consultations to help you make an informed decision that is right for your family. There is never an obligation and if you decide to go forward with a lawsuit, there are no out of pocket expenses. We only get paid after you receive a verdict or settlement.

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