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Losing a loved one is a heartbreaking experience, and the aftermath of such a loss can leave a family emotionally overwhelmed. However, if a person’s death was due to another person’s negligence, their family should not hesitate to seek the advice of legal counsel to determine if they can file a claim for financial compensation. If you believe that someone else’s carelessness caused the death of your loved one, contact a Levittown wrongful death lawyer to start building a case.

Who Is Eligible to File a Wrongful Death Claim?

If a person dies in an accident that was not their fault, their family members may be able to collect financial compensation for the loss of their loved one by filing a wrongful death action. However, state law dictates who is eligible to recover damages in this manner, and it is important for the family members to discuss their situation with a Levittown attorney as soon as possible after their loved one’s death to determine the best steps to take. Typically, the individual named in the deceased person’s will is who would be eligible to recover damages.

If a deceased person does not have a will that is outlined by the state of New York, only their next of kin will be eligible to recover damages in a wrongful death case. For example, if a husband is killed in a car accident, then his wife can collect damages. If a single woman dies in a car accident and doesn’t have a spouse or children, but has siblings and parents, the parents could recover damages. There are several different possible scenarios that all depend on the next of kin.

Types of Damages Awarded in Wrongful Death Cases

Many of the damages that can be recovered in a wrongful death action are economic. These damages typically compensate the following losses, among others:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Medical bills
  • Loss of future wages

The damages in a wrongful death action can also involve the survivor portion of the claim, which addresses the conscious pain and suffering the deceased person may have experienced prior to their passing. As this form of harm is not immediately quantifiable, a professional will need to come up with a concrete amount after examining the situation. A Levittown lawyer could further explain how this process works in wrongful death cases.

Another form of non-economic damages is loss of companionship. This specific form of harm is compensable, and though it may only make up a small portion of the overall compensation in case, it is assigned a number. The exact amount will vary from case to case and is often determined through witness testimony or evaluation from a professional, such as an experienced psychologist.

Get in Touch with a Levittown Wrongful Death Attorney Today

Wrongful death cases are legally complex and emotionally painful, and it can be extremely difficult to go through the process of filing a claim for damages without professional assistance. If you have recently lost a loved one, schedule a consultation with a Levittown wrongful death lawyer right away. Call our office today to speak to a member of our team and learn more.

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