Broadway Mall Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you were recently injured in an accident at the Broadway Mall in Hicksville—or any other local shopping area—we can help. Whether you tripped over a display at Target, slipped on cracked pavement in the parking lot, fell in IKEA, or hurt yourself in any of the other specialty stores, you may have a case.

Potential Causes

Store owners have an obligation to keep their customers safe. If there is a hazard—such as a leak that causes a puddle that has been seen for weeks, a broken elevator, a cracked tile, worn carpet—you may be able to successfully sue and recover. Three questions to ask about the hazard that caused your accident:

  1. Did the store or mall owners know about a dangerous condition but fail to fix it? This would include a broken step that others have been injured on, a hand rail that was noticed missing for weeks or worn carpet that has not been repaired in ages.
  2. Was there a dangerous condition that the store owners should have known about? Examples of this might be a broken tile in the center of the store or a malfunctioning elevator that was not properly maintained.
  3. Did the store or mall itself cause the dangerous condition? If a store employee spills something all over and someone trips on it or puts out a broken display that causes an accident, there may be a case.

The mall has an obligation to keep its exterior and interior properly maintained, ensuring that walkways are well lit and providing ample security.

If you were injured in an accident at the Broadway Mall, give us a call and we can help determine your best course of action. We provide free consultations—there is absolutely no obligation and never any fee until we get you a settlement or verdict.

How a Broadway Mall Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Help

Our Long Island slip and fall lawyers have more than 20 years of experience helping clients throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties win these types of cases. Call for a free consultation and let our experienced lawyers help you.

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