What Makes One Injury More Valuable Than Another

When you are in an accident, your insurance company will put a value on your injuries. We recently wrote about how many use a computer program called Colossus, which takes all the data related to your claim and comes up with a number.

How Much Is Your Injury Worth? To Insurance Companies, One Program Has the Answers

So what makes an injury more valuable? Here are some of the key circumstances that may add value to an injury:

  • Type of injury. Broken bones, head injuries and herniated discs are more serious than soft tissue injuries such as sprains or bruises.
  • You went right to the hospital.
  • You were kept at the hospital overnight.
  • You sought treatment from a specialist, which is given more value than a general practitioner (who you might also see) and a lot more value than a chiropractor.
  • Medical procedures necessary
  • Medications needed
  • You had no gaps in your treatment.
  • Your injuries are more serious—broken bones or herniated discs as opposed to soft tissue injuries like sprains.
  • Length of treatment.
  • Whether you have a permanent injury.
  • Lost work time.
  • Whether there were pre-existing conditions or related earlier injuries
  • Skill and history of attorney
  • Family situation—whether you have a spouse and children dependent on you
  • Location of accident
  • Whether there are witnesses
  • Have questions? Give our personal injury lawyers a call for a free consultation to find out more about your specific accident and legal options.

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