I was the victim of an assault. Who can I sue?

If you were assaulted, you can sue the person who assaulted you, but unfortunately it is often hard to collect from them. Many criminal assault and battery assailants have insufficient assets and insurance to pay for the victim’s injuries.

In addition to suing the assaulter, sometimes there are other parties that can be held partially responsible for the attack. Some examples:

  • You are at a bar or club with insufficient lighting or security that caused the attack. In this case you may be able to sue the business owner, security company and/or property owner
  • The assailant is a minor and was served alcohol, or the assailant is not a minor but was continually served alcohol after being noticeably drunk. You can sue the owner of the business or home where they were served drinks
  • The assailant is an employee of the establishment where the assault occurred. In this case you may have a case against the business.
  • A third party instigated the assault. In this case, you may be able to present a convincing case against them.

It is best to contact a criminal assault victim attorney to help determine who is at fault for your injuries. An attorney will also examine your injuries and figure out a dollar amount to pursue, because every case has a value. This value will be determined by the severity of the injuries, the recovery time, the degree of pain, suffering and permanent damage that exists and the cost of medical treatment and related expenses.

How our Criminal Assault Victim Lawyers Can Help You

If you were assaulted and suffered serious injuries, our lawyers can help. We work with top notch investigators and medical experts to help get the evidence we need to present the best case possible. We work to get our clients maximum compensation, as our testimonials show. We provide free consultations to help our clients get the full facts before making any decisions. Call us today—we will sit down with you to fully discuss you case, make sure all your questions are answered and let you know your legal options.

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