The IME doctor lied in his report, what can I do?

IMEs (Independent Medical Exams) are conducted by doctors who regularly work for insurance companies. These doctors want to make the insurance company happy so that they can continue getting these lucrative exams referred to them. That means their reports to the insurance company tend to minimize the extent of accident victims’ injuries, and mistakes can be made. On some occasions the doctors flat out lie. If that happens to you, there are several things you can do to counter the errors in the report.

Make sure you and your attorney have a copy of the report. Don’t rely on verbal communication from an adjuster about what the report says. If you had a friend or family member attend the exam with you, they can serve as a witness to point out what really took place, what you said, what you stated your symptoms were even if the doctor did not write them all down or wrote down something that doesn’t match what you said.

If the doctor failed to take a medical history from you, your attorney can point this out to the adjuster or use it in court and negotiations with the defendant’s lawyer. He will strive to point out flat out mistakes or negative remarks.

If the IME report is extremely negative and the adjuster is relying on it heavily in denying you a fair settlement, you may want your own doctor ⁠— preferably a specialist who has been treating you ⁠— to write a response. Show your doctor the IME report and ask if they would be willing to write a letter countering it. Be aware, however, that your doctor is likely to charge you for preparing a response. Find out in advance how much you will be charged so that you can decide whether what your doctor is willing to write seems worth the cost.

These are just a handful of things you can do when an IME doctor lies or gives a negative report. You will want a diligent personal injury attorney from the Goldstein and Bashner Law Firm to help you navigate the murky waters of an IME. We have experience dealing with these doctors and know how to handle bogus or negative reports. We will investigate the background of the doctor, his relationship to the insurance company, and combat any negative remarks by using material from your own medical records. We are skilled at pointing out the flaws in these reports.

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