My son, who has special needs, was injured in an accident. What are his rights?

When a special needs individual is in an accident, they have the same rights–including the right to hire an attorney and sue for damages—as everyone else.

If they do decide to hire an attorney, there are some special considerations that should be made to ensure that the legal strategy takes into account their best interests.

This includes asking the following questions:

  • Is the individual psychologically able to handle involvement in the case?
  • Is the individual able to provide testimony? Is that in their best interest?
  • Are there any special provisions that need to be made at the trial so the individual is able to testify or share their side of the story in another way?
  • How traumatic was this incident? Has this recent accident aggravated any psychological issues? This may influence a decision for a quicker settlement
  • the benefit to them of their testimony outweighing any emotional, psychological or physical difficulties they may encounter?
  • Are they already receiving social services? How can these be protected?
  • How will any money rewarded be safeguarded?

We Can Discuss Your Concerns

Do you have questions or concerns about a recent accident involving you or a family member? Are you nervous about calling an attorney because a special needs individual is involved? Let us ease your fears—contact us for a free consultation and to ask any questions and let us know any special concerns or reservations you have about taking legal action. We are on your side to help fight for your rights and we will do our best to make the entire legal process as easy as possible.

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