My child has special needs & is being bullied, what to do?

Look up the schools code of conduct on bullying. It’s possible it may speak directly to groups classified as disabled.

When disabled students are included under anti-bullying policies, often examples of qualifying bullying conduct include:
Graffiti containing offensive language which is derogatory to others because of their physical or mental disability;

Jokes, rumors or name-calling based upon an individual’s physical or mental disability;

Slurs, negative stereotypes and hostile acts which are based upon another’s physical or mental disability;

Graphic material containing comments or stereotypes which is posted or circulated and which is aimed at degrading individuals or members of protected classes; or

Imitating manner of speech or movement, or interference with necessary equipment.

Notify the school of your claims.

The school must have notice of the incident and an opportunity to respond appropriately. If the school does not respond appropriately (for example by deciding not to discipline the offender) or fails to respond altogether and another incident occurs, the school may then be liable for the bullying.

You may also want to contact the other student’s parents.

If you feel that you have done all you can and the school is not stopping the bullying, you will want the help of an experienced bully injury lawyer. Contact us today at 516-222-4000 for a no cost consultation.

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