Do I have a slip and fall case?

Sometimes we slip and fall due to our own clumsiness, a complete accident or because we simply were not watching where we were going. Sometimes, however, we slip and fall because of a property owner’s negligence. In these instances, there may be a case against that propery owner where you can collect damages for your injuries, pain and suffering.

How do you know if you have a case?

In most cases, a slip and fall is a property owner’s fault in one of these circumstances:

  • The property owner knew about a dangerous condition and did nothing about it. This might be a leak that has caused a puddle that has been there for over a week; a broken tile that has already caused another accident or a damaged handrail that been reported or remained unfixed for several weeks.
  • The property owner or employee caused a hazardous situation. An example of this would be a waiter dropping a tray full of drinks right in front of you or a sales person carrying too many things and banging into you.
  • The property owner should have known about a dangerous condition. If the center of the store has a damaged tile in plain sight or an escalator has not been properly serviced in years and is now broken the store could be at fault.

Did you recently have a slip and fall accident and want to find out if you have a case?

Contact us for a free consultation. We will discuss your case, let you know your options and what you can expect from the legal process. There is no charge or obligation—there are never any fees until we get you a settlement or verdict.

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