I was hurt by some drunk fans at a football game. Can I sue?

If you’ve been hurt at a sporting event by a drunk fan, you might have a case against the venue as well as the fan. When sports teams play games, the venue has an obligation to ensure the fans’ safety. This means having proper crowd control, security, and safe conditions. When alcohol is served, the venue as well as the concession staff have an added responsibility to ensure that those purchasing drinks are legally old enough and are not already overly intoxicated.

Some questions to ask: Was the drunk fan old enough to be served alcohol? How many drinks was this fan served? Was he already obviously intoxicated and served more drinks? Was he acting recklessly for a significant amount of time without anyone stopping him? Was security adequate at the event?

Over the years, Goldstein and Bashner has dealt with many cases involving injuries at Nassau Coliseum, Madison Square Garden, Citifield, The Meadowlands, and other venues in the New York City and Long Island area. We have helped to see that these accident victims receive compensation for any damages that they may have sustained. If you’ve been injured at a sports event or anyplace else due to an alcohol-related accident, there may be numerous parties liable. Please contact us for a free evaluation. We’ll discuss your case, let you know what to expect from the legal process, and answer any questions you have.

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