East Meadow Hit and Run Lawyer

We have seen many of these cases and they are sometimes very tricky. After all what insurance company is going to pay? Many lawyers, even those that claim to have experienced the area of personal injury fail to properly protect clients of hit and run accidents. So here are a few important things to know about a hit and run accidents and why an East Meadow car accident attorney should be consulted as soon as possible.

Steps to Take Following An Accident

  1. Immediately file a police report. In certain instances not filing a report within 24 hours may prevent you from filing a claim.
  2. If you or anybody in your home has car insurance a claim may be filed with that company. Let me repeat: If you own a car or a family member (brother, sister, cousin that lives with you) owns a car you may be able to file a claim under that policy.There are strict timelines to file.
  3. If nobody owns a car in the house you can file with the Motor Vehicle Indemnification Corporation. This is an agency created by the state that was intended to help victims of hit and run drivers to get compensation for their injuries. It also helps victims who get injured from drivers who have no insurance. Once again there are strict timelines! Although there is a limited amount that you can recover its better than no recovery.

How An East Meadow Hit and Run Lawyer Can Help

There are many clients that we have seen over the years who want us to take over their case from another lawyer who screwed up their benefits from an uninsured or hit and run accident. Be aware that these cases are not easy. Your East Meadow hit and run lawyer needs to understand the deadlines and the procedures involved in these cases. We take pride in giving each and every case the full attention of our partners. We are available to answer questions, update clients and most important, have the experience and knowledge to get the best outcome possible. We have helped clients throughout Long Island get compensated, even when the driver was not known or was uninsured.

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