Goldstein & Bashner Combating Campus Issue Scholarship Winners

The following are the winners of the Goldstein & Bashner Combating Campus Issues Scholarship, for more information on the scholarship’s purpose or how to apply, visit our scholarship page here.

2019 Scholarship Award Winner: Lydia Rice

My name is Lydia Rice and I am currently pursuing a degree in astrophysics. I was originally adopted from China, but have lived in Georgia all my life and go to Georgia State University. Although I’m deeply fascinated by physics and outer space, I also care a lot about current events and impacting the community around me.

In Her Own Words: “I was honestly shocked to receive the news I had been selected! I have been working really hard to find scholarships with topics I am passionate about and that are important. I’m incredibly grateful to Goldstein and Bashner for this incredible opportunity.”

2018 Scholarship Award Winner: Mallory Freeze

Mallory Freeze is an upcoming college freshman who is dedicated to pursuing a degree and career in the theatrical arts. From Concord, North Carolina, Mallory graduated from the International Baccalaureate program at Concord High School in June, 2018. It was here where Mallory’s passion and admiration for theatre began, as she started performing on stage; gaining opportunities in acting, directing, writing, producing, and set design. It is through such performance experience, in both her local and community theatres, that she is devoted to achieving a higher education within the theatrical arts so that she can ultimately follow her goals of becoming a successful artist and film-maker. She is excited to start school this August, after having decided to take a gap year. While she has yet to decide which school specifically, both University of North Carolina Greensboro and Catawba College are currently her top choices.

In Her Own Words: “I feel incredibly lucky to have been considered for the scholarship, much less to have actually been selected as the recipient. Upon hearing such unexpected news, I was completely speechless and ecstatic; knowing this award will help greatly as I prepare for this upcoming fall semester. I kept re-reading the notice that I had been selected as this year’s recipient; I couldn’t stop smiling… I still can’t. I felt as if I was on top of the world. This scholarship and honor truly do mean the world. I am immensely grateful beyond what I am able to communicate through words. I am revered to have received this recognition; a recognition in which I will hold close to my heart.”

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