Process For Changing Your Personal Injury Lawyer in New York

If you’ve hired a personal injury attorney and are not satisfied with his or her performance for any reason whatsoever, there is no reason to continue with that lawyer. Here are four important things you need to know:

  • 1.) You have the right to terminate your lawyer’s services without any notice.
  • 2.) You do not need to pay your new lawyer another fee. All the lawyers who work on your case and are entitled to a fee, will split one fee between them. It is not even your responsibility to negotiate how they split it-it is up to the lawyers to either come to an understanding or let a court decide how much each will get.
  • 3.) You do not even have to fire your lawyer. You never have to talk to him or her again. Your new lawyer will send your old lawyer a letter and they will need to work it out.
  • 4.) There should not be any delay in the processing of your case. If both lawyers are civil, then your old lawyer will send the file to the new lawyer and that is it!

Remember, you as the client are in charge. You are the boss and the lawyer works for you. If you don’t like your lawyer because he does not return your calls, talks down to you, or you just don’t think he’s doing a good job, then it should be over. At the end of the day you need only to explain your actions to one person-you! If you retain somebody you’re not happy with, you have only yourself to blame.
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