Case Spotlight: Vietnam Veteran Injured in Elevator Accident- Receives Big Settlement Award

Plaintiff: 62 year old male
Case Type: Premises Liability
Date of Accident: xx-xx-2009

Summary: Our client, a Vietnam veteran, was a Nassau County resident in his 60s working for a moving company. On the date of the accident, the client along with several co-workers was using a freight elevator to move old archives from a storage facility in the Bronx. The client was injured when the elevator dropped two floors hitting the basement after exceeding weight capacity. Even though the owner of the building had an employee operating the elevator at no time did the elevator operator inform our client that the boxes exceeded the weight limit. We were able to prove through our elevator engineer expert that the excessive weight was a direct cause of the accident.

Injuries:  The client was riddled with multiple injuries including fusion of the back in which several rods were inserted; arthroscopic surgery of the knee and torn rotator cuff of the right shoulder. As a result of the serious nature of the injuries the client could not return to work.

Settlement: Matter settled in mediation for $2.1 million

Our firm was committed to helping our client receive the best settlement possible.  Not only was he a kind, caring person who served our country, but his injuries were the direct result of someone else’s negligence.  The boxes should never have been allowed to be on the elevator and exceed the weight limit.  It was the duty of the elevator operator to inform our client of these weight restrictions and that was not done.  The pain and suffering he endured as well as lost wages, changed his life forever.  The settlement allowed him to move forward without as many financial hardships.
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