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DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients’ cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case.

The painter, a 40-year-old man experienced at his job, was working on the renovation of a Long Island supermarket. While walking across the construction floor he fell through a hole that the store manager had carelessly covered with a flimsy piece of panel board. The hole needed to be secured in a better manner and there should have been some warning signs to let workers know there was a hole under the board!The man sustained very serious hand and arm injuries that resulted in surgery and the insertion of metal plates. This also prevented him from working for a significant recover period.We were able to identify specific violations which made the case much easier to resolve. The client sustained very serious hand and arm injuries resulting in surgery and the insertion of metal plates. Because of the strong evidence we had collected, including pictures, testimony, medical records and doctor statements, the case resolved to the client’s satisfaction at a mediation.

- Painter Is Injured after Falling into a Hole at Construction Site

In this case, we represented a 46 year old railroad employee who was trapped in an escalator motor pit. Our office was able to show that the door to the pit was improper. The door should have been easy to open and close. The door in question got stuck and it was jammed shut. The railroad had already replaced some of the doors but not where the client was working. The client was injured in his attempt to free himself from the dark and hot pit. He claimed back injuries with some surgical procedures. We were successful in obtaining a resolution for the client, even though he went back to work full time.

- Trapped in an escalator motor pit

Our client was a vibrant seventy year old working for the County of Nassau. While getting off the elevator she tripped and fell as it misleveled. She was brought to the emergency room with a very bad broken shoulder. In fact there would have been surgery had it not been for her age and other non-related health issues. As a result of the injury she could no longer work and the evidence would have pointed to an employee who would have worked another five years. Indeed she had worked for almost forty years without many absences. The parties agreed to a six figure settlement which was to everybody’s satisfaction. We believe that had the case gone to trial there would have been evidence that this elevator, which had been around a very, very long time had numerous problems. Although the client was older the insurance company settled, we believe, because of the evidence that would have been presented at trial.

- Long Island Resident Falls In Broken Elevator- Maintenance Company Pays

In this case, our client who was 39 years old at the time slipped and fell on an oil spill at a major construction site in Brooklyn. Through the testimony of several witnesses, we were prepared to show at trial that the spill was there for an extended period of time. We were able to resolve this case for a significant amount of money even though the client has a back injury which did not require surgery and he had a previous accident where his back was injured.

- Construction worker slips and falls on oil spill

Our client was a 58 year female who was struck after the defendant , a 20 year old college student from Woodbury Long Island, ran a red light and struck our client’s vehicle. Client’s car was totaled and she was brought to Nassau County Medical Center in East Meadow. She was in Intensive Care for about one week with a fractured hip, fractured ribs and a transverse process fracture. She remained in the hospital for about ten days and then was under the care of private physicians. Depositions were taken of all parties and the defendant acknowledged that he may have passed the red light. The defendant also testified that he did not recall the name of the streets where the accident occured. It is because the testimnony of the defendant was weak that we were able to secure a six figure settlement for our client who is now back to work as a teacher.

- 6-Figure Settlement for Woman in Old Bethpage Car accident

Our client , a forty year old backhoe operator, was  excavating a former gas station in the Bronx when a pile of dirt collapsed and flipped over his backhoe. He sustained very bad injuries to his ankle which required surgery. He was unable to go back to work and his only source of income was workers compensation. The case was brought even though the owner of the property had no insurance. In fact many lawyers may not have taken the case. Ultimately a settlement was reached in the mid-six figure range. What was unusual was that the defendant owner paid the award from his personal funds.

- Whitestone New York resident fractures ankle in excavation accident-Defendant uninsured

In this case, our client is a 37 year old factory worker who tripped over a raised door saddle in the Long Island City building where she works. Our office was able to establish through an expert engineer that the door saddle was not in compliance with the New York City Building Code. The client sustained a broken shoulder. She later was required to undergo a shoulder arthroscopy. The case was resolved at a mediation for a large sum of money, in part, due to our expert engineer’s report.

- Client trips over door saddle in Long Island City workplace

Our client was a 47 year old school teacher from Holbrook, New York when she was rear ended by another vehicle on Route 112 in Brookhaven. As a result from the accident she sustained lumbar and cervical herniations which resulted in her getting epidural steroid injections. Prior to the settlement she underwent a fusion because of the severity of her injuries. The plaintiff was unable to take time off from work which complicated her rehabilitation. We were able to obtain a six figure settlement for the client which was due in part to our persistent in negotiation with the insurance company.

- Suffolk County Resident -Settlement of Herniated Disc

Client was a 45 year old health care worker when she was in a taxi that decided to back up off an exit by the FDR drive in New York City. The taxi collided with another vehicle and the client injured her shoulder. She had a slight rotator cuff injury and  bad neck trauma. She lost a part time job that she had although she went back to work as a home health care aid. She has an arthoscopic surgery and had to undergo intensive physical therapy. The case was proceeding to trial when the defendant taxi paid out a six figure settlement. The defendants knew that if the case had gone to a jury trial there probably would have been a substantial verdict in favor of the injured party.

- Bronx Accident Lawyer- Client Has Shoulder Surgery-Taxi Pays The Limit

Our client was in her 40s and was a paralegal in the insurance industry. She was involved in a car accident in which there was no dispute as to liability. However her injuries were hotly contested as she claimed severe neck and back problems requiring numerous injections and long term physical therapy. The case was litigated in Suffolk County where the defendants made a motion for summary judgement on threshold.They claimed that the plaintiff did not meet a serious and permanent injury and the case should be dismissed. We opposed the motion with dozens of exhibits including doctors affidavits and medical reports.We won the motion and the matter was then submitted for arbitration. At the arbitration both sides presented their evidence and the arbitrator gave the plaintiff an award beyond the insurance policy limits of the defendant.We then proceeded to  submit a SUM claim with the client’s own carrier who gave up their entire policy. The client ended up with a six figure settlement and she was very satisfied. This case could have been resolved two years earlier but at a very low settlement. We made the decision that this woman deserved a considerable amount more and she got it.

- Long Island Woman Wins A Six Figure Arbitration Settlement

DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients’ cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case.

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