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DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients’ cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case.

Our client was sexually assaulted by her partner, a prominent medical doctor. This was a complex case involving medical malpractice as well as sexual assault. The case involved numerous depositions of the defendant and his associates. The matter ultimately was resolved for a significant six-figure settlement because of the clear case of liability we were able to show on the part of the defendant, which only came about after conducting many depositions.

- Significant Settlement for Sexual Assault Involving Doctor

Our client was sexually assaulted by her attorney, a well-known entertainment lawyer in New York City. The lawyer pleaded guilty to sexual assault, and we brought a civil case against him. After much litigation and work, the case was settled immediately before jury selection for a six-figure settlement. This helped our client pay her medical bills and get the psychological counseling she needed to begin her recovery process and heal from the trauma.This significant settlement is particularly noteworthy because the defendant had to pay the entire amount out of pocket—there was no insurance that could be used to cover the settlement.

- 6-Figure Settlement for Woman Sexually Assaulted by Lawyer

Our client was 52 year-old war veteran riding on a city bus in the Bronx towards Jerome Avenue on Kingsbridge Road. When the driver lost control of the bus, the vehicle hit multiple parked cars, throwing our client around and badly injuring him. He suffered very serious injuries to his back, neck, right arm and shoulder. As a result of his injuries, he needed back surgery and will still require additional back and neck surgery.Filing a lawsuit against the city is a tough win. Our lawyers went into overdrive, thoroughly investigating the accident and meticulously documenting the client’s injuries and medical costs. We presented a case that convinced a jury of peers to agree to a significant multi-million dollar verdict. What is even more surprising is that the jury awarded an even higher amount than what was expected. This is very unusual. It is so difficult to sue and win against the city—this was a tremendous win for our client, who will now recover all his costs and be compensated for his very severe pain and suffering.

- Multi-million dollar verdict for veteran injured in bus acciden

Our client, a young woman with a newborn baby, suffered severe trauma to her head and jaw after a serious car accident. She was a front-seat passenger in the car. They were driving in Roslyn and as the car turned off of Northern Boulevard by Sinclair Martin Blvd., it was struck by another car. This intersection has no signs, signals or traffic lights.Our client required a number of dental surgeries that included wiring her mouth shut. It was a long and painful recovery, but she is doing well and very pleased with her settlement.

Her specific injuries included:

  • Bilateral mandible fracture (jaw broken on both sides)
  • Open reduction and internal fixation for bilateral mandibular angle fracture and placement intramixillary fixation (basically, wire was wrapped around each tooth and then the wire was attached to a steel arch bar that was implanted on each side of her jaw. See photo)
  • Concussion
  • Loss of teeth
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Bilateral TMJ
  • Some loss of hearing and memory
  • Headaches
  • Some injury to surrounding nerves, tendons, blood vessels, ligaments and connective tissue.

As a new mom, our client did not want to go through a long trial. Our lawyers worked quickly and thoroughly to establish the details of the accident and determine her injury costs, including lost wages, future medical costs and pain and suffering. She was thrilled with the 6-figure settlement, which she hopes to partially invest in her new baby’s future.

- New Mom Gets 6-Figure Settlement for Broken Jaw in Car Accident

In this recent case, our client was a 62 year old woman who was in good health. While leaving her church on a Sunday morning, she tripped over a raised cellar door in front of a nearby business. The cellar doors were bent and broken and had been left for a while in a condition that was unsafe to anyone walking by.Our client suffered painful injuries to both her hand and back, including damage to several spinal discs that ultimately required surgery.

We worked diligently with experts to provide detailed reports and photographs that helped us prove the door was defective. This allowed our lawyers to resolve the case to our client’s advantage at mediation, and our evidence enabled her to settle for a 6-figure award that she greatly appreciated.

Were you involved in a slip and fall accident? Contact our lawyers if you have questions–our consultations are always free!

- Client trips over defective cellar door, and wins big.

Our firm won a six-figure settlement for a 59-year-old maintenance worker for the New York Blood Bank Center. He worked in their mid-town Manhattan office, and on the day of the injury the building management had hired an outside elevator company to fix a broken freight elevator.Only one worker was brought in to do this job, though at least two or three people should be needed to safely fix the elevator. The worker needed assistance so he asked our client to help hold the elevator door while he went up in the shaft to make the repair.

This elevator door is extremely heavy and was not secure. After several minutes of holding the door, our client felt a shift and then the door came slamming down on him, aggravating a preexisting condition to his back. Our client was severely injured and will not be able to ever return to this job.

Our lawyers were able to show that his injuries were due to the negligence of the elevator company brought in to fix the elevator. We showed that they failed to bring in enough manpower to complete the job, did not provide proper supervision and safety measures, did not provide proper training and failed to keep the area safe for others. We were also able to show that our client’s injuries seriously limited his activities and negatively affected his quality of life, which allowed him to collect a significant payment to compensate for his difficulties.

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- Maintenance Worker Wins Six Figures for Work Injury

A Farmingdale student who was relentlessly bullied while at Wedon E. Howitt Middle School has settled with the school district. The boy, who is now a well-adjusted high school student, suffered three years of bullying. The case was helped by the family’s meticulous records of calls and communication with the school district and numerous serious injuries–both physical and psychological–that were documented with medical records. Some examples of the abuse:

  • His face was smashed into the bleachers
  • His arms were lacerated from repeated pencil stabbings
  • He was spit on by the others
  • He was called names verbally teased
  • He was repeatedly punched–one time he was punched so hard in the abdomen that he had blood in his urine

In addition, the boy kept a journal he wrote for an English class in which he mentioned the bullying and how it made him feel. The teacher’s only comment was “I’m sorry you went through this.”

By collecting all the communications with the school over a three-year period, the medical records and journal entries, we made a strong case that the school’s staff and administrators did not do enough to protect our client and put a stop to the bullying. We were able to settle with the district for a confidential amount, but our client was very happy with the results.

This case illustrates how it is possible to get compensation for bullying from a school and we hope it inspires other families to know they have recourse.

- Farmingdale Bully Victim Feels Like Winner with Settlement

Our client, a 71-year-old man, was leaving Macy’s at Roosevelt Field and walking to his car. A speeding car was driving erratically towards him as he crossed a pedestrian walkway. The car ran over his feet, causing multiple fractures that required surgery.To make matters worse, the man was just recovering from chemotherapy for colon cancer and already in a weakened condition when the accident happened. This made the recovery longer and caused additional pain and suffering.

Noted partner attorney Robert Bashner, “His medical history made his recovery time longer and caused added pain and suffering. We were able to get him a sizable settlement.” He was very satisfied with the results of his case and is thankfully making a full recovery.”

- Cancer Patient Hit Again, This Time by Car

Our client was a construction worker for a company in Maspeth. On the day of the accident he was unloading cement pellets from a forklift when one fell on his right foot. Due to the tremendous weight of the cement, this was an extremely painful injury from which he will never fully recover.As a result of the accident, our client has permanent damage, disfigurement and pain not only in his foot but the surrounding muscles, tendons, nerves, joints and tissues. The client was in and out of the hospital several times and spent a significant time period on bed rest. To this day he still suffers pain.

Our construction site injury lawyers were were able to show that labor laws were violated. There were several safety issues. Our client should have had another worker with him for this job. In addition, there was too much concrete on the forklift and the pellets were not properly secured.

Said partner Neal Goldstein “Our client has been out of work and confined to his bed. We fought and got him a settlement that would help take care of his living expenses and family while he recovered.”

- Disfigured Construction Worker Gets Sizable Settlement

Our client was a 2-year-old infant at the time of this horrible accident. He was living in a rented apartment in the Bronx with his young sister and parents. She was home watching him, but was momentarily distracted when he went to the window and fell out, tumbling down four stories.The window did not have any safety guards, which is required by New York City law in apartments with children under 10 years old living in them. That is because these accidents are rare when the safety guards are in place. The law requires them even in first floor apartments because it i so easy for a child to fall out a window. An adult only needs to look away for a moment.

Luckily our client survived, but he suffered multiple skull fractures as well as multiple fractures and lacerations throughout his body. The young boy continues to suffer–he is in pain and has trouble with prolonged sitting, standing, walking, climbing stairs and other daily activities most kids take for granted. He will never fully recover and will require extensive therapy and special education.

In addition, his young sister was in the “zone of danger,” which means she was close enough to him to see the accident and has been traumatized.

In addition to getting a sizable settlement for the boy, our accident lawyers were also able to get money for the sister for the trauma she suffered.

- Infant Falls from Window Missing Safety Guards

DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients’ cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case.

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