Carle Place Construction Injury Lawyer

Injuries that occur on construction sites can have a variety of different causes and can range in severity. The exact details of the incident could impact the outcome of a construction injury case, which is why it may be beneficial to engage legal representation early on.

No matter the circumstances of the accident, a Carle Place construction injury lawyer could represent anyone who suffered harm on a construction site and work diligently to seek appropriate compensation for their injuries.

Common Construction Site Injuries

Any construction site is a hazardous place by nature. Most worksites involve the use and transport of heavy materials and equipment. Even if all workers and visitors on site utilize all recommended safety equipment, they may still suffer serious harm.

Examples of common injuries include:

  • Sprained joints from stepping into holes
  • Broken bones from falling tools
  • Severe lacerations from equipment or machinery
  • Loss of hearing from loud noises

With the help of a Carle Place attorney, any of these injuries can form the basis of a construction injury claim.

Types of Construction Injury Cases

Two main types of cases can result from a construction site injury. Identifying the type of case is a vital first step when filing a lawsuit of this nature, as the entire case dynamic can change depending on the answer.

Worker Injuries

Injuries that construction employees suffer on jobsites would be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. A worker cannot sue their workplace for negligence unless the employer intentionally caused their injuries. However, even if the accident is determined to be the injured person’s fault, they are still covered by this program even.

Workers’ compensation insurance benefits are intended to be a temporary source of emergency income that is paid while a worker recovers from their injuries. In some severe cases, however, the worker never fully recovers from their accident. This may result in payments that continue for several years, depending on the severity of the disability.

It is not uncommon for a worker to disagree with the insurance company over the value of benefits that are offered. In scenarios like these, the worker has the right to appeal the decision. A Carle Place construction injury lawyer could work with an individual to review their casefiles and appeal insufficient benefit packages.

Visitor Injuries

Non-workers who are injured while visiting a construction site must pursue their claims using traditional premises liability laws. These laws evaluate not just the circumstances that led directly to the injury, but also the injured person’s reasons for being on the property. For this reason, the legal analysis behind the construction injury case is much more complex, and the claim may take the form of a formal lawsuit that an experienced Carle Place attorney could help bring in court.

Let a Carle Place Construction Injury Attorney Help with Your Claim

Compensation for construction site injuries can take on many different forms, but it should always be appropriately tailored to the severity of the plaintiff’s specific injury. However, unrepresented plaintiffs may find it difficult to negotiate effectively with insurance companies or convincingly plead their case before a jury in civil court.

A Carle Place construction injury lawyer could defend your rights by utilizing their professional knowledge and experience and determine whether you need to contest an unfair workers’ compensation package or file a lawsuit for your injuries. Get in touch today to find out what is possible in your case.

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