Damages in Carle Place Sexual Assault Cases

The effects of a sexual assault are long-lasting and can manifest themselves in a variety of painful ways. If you have experienced an assault, you may need months or years of therapy and medical treatments, which can be costly to pay for on your own.

You deserve to be compensated for all of the harm that you have suffered because of your assailant, but you should not attempt to file a claim without a skilled sexual assault attorney by your side. A Carle Place lawyer could be your legal advocate throughout your sexual assault case and work diligently to help you achieve all of the damages you are owed.

Types of Available Damages

There are many kinds of damages that are recoverable in sexual abuse cases. The first type is medical damages, which are costs that the plaintiff initially had to take care of themselves after their assault. They include emergency room visits, medical treatments, hospital exams, and therapy appointments. A plaintiff could then be eligible to recover damages for lost time at work if their assault impacted their capacity to complete the functions of their job.

Above all, a plaintiff in a Carle Place sexual assault case will be able to pursue damages for their pain and suffering. A sexual assault often leaves lasting psychological harm that can have a devastating impact on a person’s life, even after all of their physical injuries have healed. It can impact a person’s existing relationships, their progress at work and school, and their enjoyment of their previous activities. All of these factors can be evaluated when determining the amount of damages that a plaintiff may receive in these cases.

Proving Damages in Court

To achieve damages for pain and suffering, the plaintiff will have to effectively prove how drastically their life has changed because of their assault, and if they continue to relive and be burdened by the events that occurred, they deserve monetary compensation. This can be difficult to achieve without professional help, but a skilled Carle Place attorney could provide crucial assistance to ensure that these damages are secured in an individual’s sexual assault case.

The most important thing to establish in a sexual assault case is the line between the assault and the suffering that the plaintiff encountered. For example, if the plaintiff never had serious mental health issues before their assault but now requires extensive psychiatric and medical treatment, their ongoing trauma could be clearly linked to their assault. This would be considered a causal connection, and these treatments would then be compensable.

Contact a Carle Place Sexual Abuse Attorney to Help You Recover Damages in Your Case

If you have suffered a sexual assault, you should be compensated for your trauma. This kind of event can impact your physical and emotional wellbeing indefinitely, and you should not have to pay for the expensive elements of your healing process. Fortunately, a Carle Place lawyer could take on your sexual assault case and help you recover all of the damages you are owed. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation and learn more.

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