Carle Place Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Doctors classify head trauma among the most serious injuries that a patient can suffer, as these catastrophic injuries are difficult to recover from and can result in permanent damage. The majority of the damage a person sustains after suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is internal, which makes this ailment difficult to diagnose and efficiently treat as well.

If you recently suffered a TBI, you will likely need extensive medical treatment to recover. If your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, they may be liable for your damages. To find out whether you are entitled to financial compensation for your losses, speak with a Carle Place traumatic brain injury lawyer.

Common Causes of TBIs

The New York State Department of Health defines a TBI as any “injury to the brain or skull caused by an external force, such as a strike or impact.” The Department of Health reports approximately 400 traumatic brain injuries occur across the state daily, and hundreds of thousands of residents have to seek medical treatment for TBIs each year.

Brain injuries are so prevalent across the state, including in Carle Place, because these injuries can result from almost any type of accident. Simply slipping and falling can result in a TBI if someone hits their head with a great deal of force.

Some common causes of TBIs include:

Anytime a head injury was caused by another person or company’s negligence, an experienced attorney in Carle Place could help a victim file a TBI claim.

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Negligence

Most TBIs are the result of some kind of accident. If someone else caused the accident by acting negligently, they can be held liable for the plaintiff’s injuries and may have to compensate them for their pain and suffering.

For example, if a distracted driver strikes a pedestrian who then sustains a TBI, the injured pedestrian can sue the driver for negligence. With the help of a traumatic brain injury attorney in Carle Place, the victim could prove that they suffered because of the other party’s misconduct. The pedestrian can use medical documentation, accident reports, and other evidence to show they suffered financial losses due to the driver’s negligence.

Typically, plaintiffs that suffer a TBI seek compensation in court for the following damages:

  • Emergency medical bills
  • Lost wages due to injury
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Continued medical treatment, such as physical therapy
  • In-home care
  • Property damage sustained in the accident
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma

The total amount of damages that the negligent party may have to pay will depend on the severity of the accident and the extent of the plaintiff’s injuries and recovery costs.

How a Carle Place TBI Attorney Could Help You Recover Damages

If you believe your traumatic brain injury is the result of someone else’s negligence, now is the time to consider legal action. You do not have to suffer in silence. Instead, call a Carle Place traumatic brain injury lawyer to see how they could help. A diligent attorney could fight for your rights and allow you to focus on your recovery. Call today to schedule a consultation and discuss your situation.

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