Bohemia Construction Injury Lawyer 

Construction sites are common in any urban landscape and provide jobs to hundreds of people in various industries. However, these sites are often rife with hazardous materials and dangerous pieces of equipment, any of which could potentially injure an employee or passerby.

If you were injured on a construction site, a Bohemia construction injury lawyer could fight for monetary compensation in either a workers’ compensation or premises liability claim.

Suffering an Injury During Construction Work

Employees who are injured in accidents at work could qualify for workers’ compensation payments. In Bohemia, all employers are required to buy into a workers’ compensation insurance plan. These plans cover all workplace injuries regardless of location, circumstances, or fault, with the only caveat being that the injury must have happened at work.

“At-work” as a legal concept incorporates both location and activity. An employee needs to be on the clock at the work site and performing work duties to qualify as “at-work” for insurance purposes. One common reason for a workers’ compensation claim to be denied is that the injured employee was engaging in horseplay that led to the accident.

Workers’ Compensation Categories

Workers’ compensation disability coverage is paid in two main categories. Temporary disability benefits are paid while the worker is unable to work but is receiving treatment. Permanent disability benefits are dispensed when the employee has lost some work ability permanently due to the injury.

Regardless of the offered benefit package, an employee has the right to appeal the offer. A construction injury attorney in Bohemia may represent an employee if they choose to appeal an insurance company’s offered settlement.

Rights of Non-Workers

Any construction injury that is not work-related is examined under a traditional negligence theory. Differing levels of care are required for injured parties depending on their reasons for entering onto the site.

If a visitor has express permission to be on the worksite, the owner or manager must take all reasonable steps to protect them from known hazards. However, if the injured person was trespassing on the construction site, they are only protected from intentional harm inflicted upon them by the property owner.

The damages in these claims include the costs to bring plaintiffs back to optimal physical health, compensation for any lost wages from missed time at work, and payment for associated mental anguish. As a seasoned attorney in Bohemia could further explain, any construction injury claim alleging negligence must have a physical component. A plaintiff cannot claim they have suffered mental damages if there is no connected physical harm.

Let a Bohemia Construction Injury Attorney Help You Pursue Your Claim

Construction sites present many hazards that can lead to severe injuries, including from harm caused by falling materials, potholes, scaffolding, or dangerous machinery. Regardless of the circumstances of the accident or the injured person’s status as a worker, they have the right to seek compensation.

Whether a claim falls under workers’ compensation or negligence, the time to file is limited. Contact a Bohemia construction injury lawyer today to get started on your case.

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