How Do I Change My Lawyer?

Unhappy with your attorney? Looking to switch your lawyer?

We get many calls from people unhappy with their lawyer and looking to switch lawyers. To help with this, we’ve prepared a special, free report to answer everything you need to know if you think you may need to find a new lawyer, including:

  • Is it easy? (quick answer–yes! Download the report to find out just how easy you can switch lawyers)
  • Does it require extra expenses?
  • Is there a process for switching lawyers?
  • How do I tell my old lawyer I am firing him? (Good news–you don’t need to! We explain why)
  • Where do I look to find a new lawyer?

Plus, we provide the 6 important ways to determine if your lawyer is doing a good job

Our free report answers everything you need to know– that’s our guarantee. If you think our report does not provide all the answers to changing a lawyer, let us know and we’ll send you a free gift! (And of course we’ll answer all your questions).

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