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Two Dead from Gas Explosion In East Village & Many Injured

Posted on Mar 31, 2015

Last week three buildings collapsed in the East Village in Manhattan as the result of a gas explosion in an apartment building and sushi restaurant. The bodies of two men were recovered Sunday. An investigation into how all of this happened is ongoing. Criminal charges have not been rules out. Con Edison workers were at Sushi Park just an hour before the blast to inspect the gas line work that the building's plumber was doing. The question now is whether that valve was tampered with, causing the gas leak, which authorities say could have criminal implications.

What Caused the Gas Explosion?

Utility Con Edison said that its utility crew found dangerous gas line connections that created a "hazardous situation" during a visit in August. The crew was sent to the building after a Con Edison worker reading gas meters smelled gas on Aug. 6 in the basement, company spokesman Allan Drury said, adding that the utility shut off the building's gas for about 10 days, until it was determined to be safe.

The basement could hold the key to the cause of the devastation, police said. On Friday, de Blasio said the blast was possibly tied to someone inappropriately tapping into a gas line.

Gas Explosion in East Village- At Least 22 Injured. Find Out How to Get Compensated for Your InjuriesAccording to some tenants that lived in the apartment, they were told by building management to report gas problems to the landlord and not Con Edison or 911. Some tenants claim they were given those instructions as late as Thursday morning, just before Con Ed inspectors were scheduled to examine plumbing in the basement.

ABC news stated at least 22 people were injured from the blast and collapse of the buildings, four critically. On Sunday, the bodies of two men were found beneath the rubble. According to senior partner Neal Goldstein,

“If gas explosion occurs, people may suffer catastrophic injuries such as burns, lung injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries, as well as death. The injuries can be devastating with long lasting effects. We see people’s lives changed in an instance. They need the help of a good lawyer to navigate the legal system.” 

Injured from a gas explosion? Call our office at 516-222-4000.  You may be entiled to compensation.

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