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Stolen Vehicle Slides into Lake, Kills 3

Posted on Jan 10, 2017

iceA series of bad decisions can be all it takes to end a life. Such a series has claimed the lives of three people on Long Island after they crashed into an ice-cold lake in their vehicle.

Police spotted the vehicle, a 2010 Honda, driving on Northern State Parkway. Police had been looking for the vehicle because it was reported stolen. An officer started following the vehicle and called for additional units for a traffic stop. Then the car accelerated away down icy roads.


A chase ensued that ended at Searingtown Road. The car tried to navigate a turn and skidded on ice, landing in the pond. Two other people were driving behind the Honda and nearly ended up in the pond themselves.


Despite heroic efforts by the officer to get the people out before hypothermia set in, all three of the people in the car died from the cold and the impact. Police later discovered the car had bad tires.


It is uncertain who may have been involved in the original theft, but the result is three people dead. Hopefully the people involved can get some justice and closure from the incident.


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