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Were you injured while visiting New York? Here's what you must know if you want to file a lawsuit

NYC Tourist Accident Lawyer- Get Help if Injured on Vacation in NY or Long IslandNew York City and Long Island host millions of tourists each year. Accidents will happen anywhere where you have a significant amount people and each year plenty of tourists find them selves involved in some sort of accident. It could be a car accident, slip,trip and fall, train accident or even a falling piece of construction debris. Typically we get a call or an internet contact from somebody from out of town either in another state or even another country who tells us that they were vacationing in New York City or on the beach in Long Island when they got hurt in an accident.

What You Need to Know if You Are in an Accident While Visiting New York City or Long Island

  1. You have the same rights as any New York resident. If you were hurt in a car accident the same time limitations apply to everybody resident or not. Your case has no more or less value than anybody else. That said in the case of auto accidents there may be some differences in your no fault benefits depending on who your insurance company is.   
  2. Claims against the City of New York have strict time limitations. You probably wont know right away if the cause of your accident was the negligence of the City of New York, Transit Authority, Long Island Railroad, Metro North or any other municipal entity. What you need to know is that all of these entities have very limited time frames to file claims. As an example the City of New York has a 90 day time period.Other entities have longer time periods such as the Long Island RailRoad and The Port Authority. But Beware speak to a New York accident lawyer immediately.
  3. Be prepared to come back to New York-If your claim can't be settled early or without litigation then there are several times in the litigation process when your personal appearence will be necessary. The deposition, physical examination and the trial. That said you may have to come in to meet your lawyer several times and there maybe other reasons why you may have to come in. The cost of travel is your responsibility. If you are not prepared to come back it will be very difficult for any lawyer to handle your matter.
  4. You will need to get medical attention where you live- If you live in California, Florida or Italy you need to discuss with your New York accident lawyer what medical treatment you will be recieving. A jury in New York values certan medical treatment over others. What may be good treatment in Wisconsin or Brazil may not be considered the same way in New York.

Were you injured while visiting New York?

If you live in another state or another country and you have been travelling to New York or Long Island and were injured in an accident get our FREE reports on how to hire a lawyer or contact our office for more information. We provide answers and free consultations so you have the information you need to make the best legal decisions.

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