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If You Have a Car Accident Case, E-law Can Help You Track and Keep Up with Your Court Case

E-Law is a very helpful website that serves as a useful tool to help lanjyone involved in a court case to review dockets and calendars, monitor a case's progress through the judicial system, retrieve copies of filed papers, communicate with each other and the court, serve notices and process, and ultimately file legal documents. You can think of it as a virtual courthouse.

Clearly they are accomplishing what they set out for. You will first need to create an account (which anybody can do). This will allow you to access your case as long as you have an index number or name of the plaintiff (that could be you) or the name of the defendant (that could be you as well). Unlike the New York State Uniform Courts Website, E-Law will give you a summary description under "case details" as to what has gone on in the case. The description will tell you when the summons and complaint was filed, when the preliminery conference was held, when motions get submitted and when decisions are rendered.

You can also see if there have been any special hearings or specific instructions with the case. It will also tell you the date that the case should be completed. On the downside there are no copies of the decisions. For a fee they will email you when the case you are interested in comes up for any reason in court. All in all I think it is a very good site that allows you to follow your case. If you need help with your case or if want to get a second opinion on your pending personal injury matter, please feel free to give our personal injury lawyers a call. We provide free, no-obligation consultations to answer any questions you have, let you know your legal options and discuss the best course of action.

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